EU referendum campaign officially begins

The EU referendum campaign has officially begun - 10 weeks before Britain decides whether or not to leave the union.

The referendum will be held on June 23.

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Wenger: Brexit would pose questions for Premier League

Arsene Wenger has concerns over what a Brexit would mean for British football Credit: Peter Byrne/PA

Football manager Arsene Wenger has warned that if Britain votes in favour of leaving the EU it could raise serious questions for the Premier League.

The Arsenal boss told the Guardian he felt a Brexit would lead to uncertainty over which players would need permits in future.

He said: "It raises many questions. Will the European players be considered as they are now? For example, if England votes for Brexit, will the French be considered like South American players [who require work permits]?

"That would completely re-question the influx of foreign players."

Wenger's comments came as the EU referendum campaign officially began on Friday.

Boris heckled with 'No Tories in Newcastle'

Hecklers said "no Tories in Newcastle" Credit: PA

Boris Johnson was heckled in Newcastle as he attacked David Cameron for "shamefully" spending £9.3 million of taxpayers' money on a pro-EU leaflet.

The London mayor criticised the "scared" tactics of the remain campaign as he continued his northern "Brexit blitz" tour.

But Boris had the start of his speech interrupted, with hecklers shouting "no Tories in Newcastle".

A group of women were escorted from the building.


Separating spin from EU referendum spending figures

Separating fact from spin is no easy task. So what about the EU referendum claims made today by both sides in the debate?

Could we free up millions for the NHS by leaving or is staying the only way to guarantee billions of pounds worth of trade deals?

ITV News presenter, Julie Etchingham reports:

George Osborne defends Remain camp's 'scare tactics'

Chancellor George Osborne has defended the so-called 'scare tactics' employed by the Remain camp to convince Britain to vote to stay in the European Union.

Speaking to ITV News Mr Osborne said that "the British people want the facts" adding: "There is an overwhelming view from those around the world...which is we would be worse off outside the EU and stronger, better off inside the EU."

NHS on the agenda on first day of EU referendum campaign

Manchester was full of politicians on the first day of the EU referendum campaign including Brexit advocate Boris Johnson who said that the NHS would prosper from money spent in Brussels.

Meanwhile, the Stronger In campaign stuck its message on the economy saying that if that suffered, so would the health service.

Across the UK, with 10 weeks to go, the clock is ticking on Britain's EU membership.

ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship reports:

Johnson: EU vote is 'last chance' to assert principles

Vote Leave campaigner Boris Johnson likened staying in the EU as being "locked in the back of a minicab driven by someone with a wonky satnav".

In his rallying speech in Manchester, he warned that the June 23 referendum was the "last chance" voters will have to decide about the UK's relationship with the EU.

We should be in no doubt that this is the last chance many of us will have in our lifetimes to assert that principle in our relations with the EU. It is called democracy.

Because it is now or never and if we fail to make the change now we will continue to be passengers locked in the back of a minicab driven by someone with a wonky satnav who does not have a perfect command of English and taken to a destination that we frankly don't want to go and I think the people of this country have no idea how far the EU now invades every area of our lives.

– Boris Johnson

Remain campaigners who say the EU is not perfect but there is no alternative are the "Gerald Ratners" of modern politics, he added.

He said: "They keep saying that they are Eurosceptics, but we have no choice, we agree with you about the democratic problem, they say - but it's the price we have to pay."


EU referendum: What do people across the UK think?

The Leave and Remain EU camps have been putting forward their counter-arguments ahead of the EU referendum but how divided is opinion across Britain?

ITV News' Correspondent Martin Geissler has travelled from Lowestoft in England to Londonderry in Northern Ireland to get a snapshot of the public's view on the debate.

Gove: '£350m sent to Brussels is better spent on NHS'

Michael Gove said £350 million a week is spent on the EU.

Justice Secretary Michael Gove, a key figure in the referendum's Vote Leave campaign said that money sent to Brussels could be better spent on the NHS.

Speaking after Vote Leave launched its advert in Manchester claiming that £350 million, £50 million a day, is handed to Brussels, he said:

At the moment the money that we give to the European Union is spent by others, people we have never elected, never chosen and can't remove.

If that money is taken back, then that £50 million a day will be spent on British people's priorities and the NHS of course is top of people's list.

– Michael Gove

The £350 million figure has been disputed by other sources that claim it does not take account of the UK's agreed rebate.

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