Obama urges young voters to 'reject cynicism and xenophobia'

US President Barack Obama urged young people not to "pull back" from the world and to reject cynicism and xenophobia during a Q&A in London.

Obama's comments came after he faced criticism from leading Brexit campaigners, who branded him an irrelevant "lame duck", over a speech he made supporting the UK's membership of the EU.

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Obama leaves the UK on Air Force One after flying visit

President Barack Obama has left the UK after a flying visit in which he warned Britons not to vote to leave the EU.

Obama waves as he steps on board his plane to jet out of the UK Credit: Sky News / Pool

The US leader waved to waiting crowds as he climbed aboard his person US Air Force One jet today.

He is now headed to Germany where he will hold talks with chancellor Angela Merkel, one of his closest allies in Europe.

The president's personal Air Force One plane Credit: Sky News / Pool


Obama 'hopes visit will encourage UK to stay in EU'

Barack Obama has said he hopes his pro-EU stance will help persuade British voters in the upcoming referendum - as he warned a US-UK trade deal could take up to a decade to negotiate.

US President Barack Obama said a trade deal could take up to a decade to negotiate Credit: Reuters

Speaking to the BBC at the end of his trip to London, the US President said he expected to conclude a trade deal with the European Union before leaving office in the autumn - though said it may not be ratified during that time.

But if the UK votes to leave the EU, he added, it could take between five and 10 years to reach the same point.

The US leader has made a number of statements during his visit, voicing his view that Britain would be better off remaining a member of the EU.

"My hope is, is that this is something that would have some influence on how voters think," he said.

"For ordinary voters I thought it would be relevant to hear what the president of the United States, who loves the British people and cares deeply about this relationship, has to say about it."

Obama takes time out for spot of golf with Cameron

Obama is known as a keen golfer and Saturday's are, when possible, his usual golf day. Credit: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

U.S. President Barack Obama has found time during his official whirlwind visit to the UK to take time out for a spot of golf with Prime Minister David Cameron.

The two politicians played a round of golf at The Grove, just north of London today, after Obama met with Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn to discuss "the challenges facing post-industrial societies and the power of global corporation".

The US President has played a round or two of the sport against many prominent world leaders during his time in office. Credit: REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth
Obama and Cameron are also expected to dine together later this evening. Credit: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Corbyn had 'excellent' discussion with Obama

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he had an "excellent" discussion with US President Barack Obama.

In the private meeting, held on the second day of Mr Obama's UK visit, the president also congratulated him on being elected leader of the opposition in September, Mr Corbyn said, adding that he had "enjoyed" the meeting.

Asked what they discussed, he said:

The challenges facing post-industrial societies and the power of global corporations and the increasing use of technology around the world and the effect that has.

– Jeremy Corbyn

They also spoke about inequality and poverty levels, he said, and "very briefly" touched on the subject of Britain's membership of the EU.


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