Pressure on Corbyn despite better than predicted Labour results in England

Labour suffered losses in English council elections, but the initial results were not as bad as many had expected.

The party also held on to two safe seats in Westminster by-elections, but frustrations with Jeremy Corbyn's leadership still bubbled to the surface.

Millions turned out to vote in a series of elections across the UK in what was dubbed "Super Thursday".

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Update: Labour losses, Tory and Lib Dem gains in England

Results have been declared at 78 out of 124 English councils to declare so far, showing the Conservatives and Lib Dems picking up seats, while Labour and the Greens losing out.

Ukip have made the biggest gains so far.

  • Labour has 40 councils, down one, and 768 seats, down 7.
  • The Conservatives have 19 councils and 467 seats, up 9.
  • The Lib Dems have two councils and 173 seats, up four.
  • Ukip has 28 seats, up 21.
  • The Greens have 11 seats, down three.

'Verdict still out on Jeremy Corbyn leadership'

Election expert Professor Colin Rallings Credit: GMB

The "verdict is still out" on Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership after Thursday's local elections.

While Labour had a "bad night" in Scotland, losing out to the SNP, in England results "weren't anywhere as bad as first thought", according to election expert Professor Colin Rallings.

Professor Rallings said there would be an element of "relief" within the Labour party that they hadn't conceded more ground across England.

But he added: "Let us be under no misapprehension, this is not a good enough base from which to win a general election".



Jewish voters have deserted Labour, says John Mann

John Mann MP said the anti-Semitism row could 'define Jeremy Corbyn's leadership'. Credit: PA

Jewish voters have deserted Labour in the wake of the anti-Semitism row, John Mann MP has said.

Mr Mann, who confronted Ken Livingstone over comments he made about Hitler, said Labour should have been enjoying a "landslide" victory.

He told the BBC: "It is clear that the Jewish vote, which for generations in families has been Labour, has gone against Labour tonight. We have seen that in Bury, we have seen it in Glasgow, I think we will see it tomorrow in parts of London.

"This is a huge challenge, it's going to define Jeremy Corbyn's leadership. He has to lead from the front and get on top of this problem."

But the Labour MP insisted "now is not the time" for any challenge to Mr Corbyn.

English election results: Latest from council votes

Counts are taking place across the UK. Credit: PA

With results in from 47 out of 124 councils involved in Thursday's vote, Labour was down 15 seats overall.

UKIP had made gains and was up 21 seats, while the Conservatives were up 10 and the Liberal Democrats up three.

The only council to change hands by 3.30am on Friday was Worcester, where the Conservatives remained the largest party but lost overall control.

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