Leave and Remain go head to head in EU referendum debate

Members of the 'Remain' and 'Leave' camps have clashed in the ITV Referendum Debate, with accusations of lying and scaremongering thrown back and forth ahead of the vote in two weeks time.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, Angela Eagle and Amber Rudd appeared on behalf of Vote Remain. Former London Mayor Boris Johnson, Andrea Leadsom and Gisela Stuart represented Vote Leave.

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Undecided voters still on the fence over EU referendum

Undecided voters have watched the ITV Referendum Debate and reported back their views.

One voter, Charlie from Knutsford, said: "I'm waiting for somebody to guide me one way or the other and I'm probably like millions in this country."

They have told ITV News what they made of the debate:

Nicola Sturgeon: Let's look at what being in the EU gives us

Nicola Sturgeon, speaking for Remain, used her closing speech in the ITV EU debate to outline Britain's gains from being in Europe, urging voters: "Let's keep hold of all of these."

She said from being in the EU Britain has gained:

  • "The longest uninterrupted period of peace in modern history"
  • "The world biggest single market of 500 million to sell our goods and services into"
  • "Guaranteed protection for workers so that big multi-nationals and right-wing politicians can't force a race to the bottom"
  • "Freedom for all of us to travel freely in Europe"
  • "The ability by working together to tackle more effectively big challenges like climate change and security that no country can deal with alone"

None of that has meant giving up on independence ... we're independent countries that choose to work together for the greater good, let's keep hold of all of these gains.

– Nicola Sturgeon


'We're not in the EU': Eagle's slip-up draws laughter

Angela Eagle drew laughter from the audience when she accidentally told the debate: "We're not in the European Union."

Boris Johnson was heard saying "fantastic news" following the slip.

Ms Eagle had meant to say Britain was not in the eurozone.

Fact check: 'EU membership gives us veto over Turkey membership'

Credit: ITV

Every EU country has a veto over Turkey entering the bloc, Remain campaigner Nicola Sturgeon said.

That’s right, fact-checking organisation Full Fact clarify.

Turkey is a candidate to join the EU. But it’s unlikely to join any time soon.

There are tensions to be resolved over Cyprus before aspects of the negotiation can even be opened, and the EU has concerns over Turkey’s human rights record.

If and when the negotiations finish, Turkey must get approval to join from each existing EU member. Some are opposed to, or planning to hold a referendum on, Turkish membership. Support for membership among the Turkish population has declined since 2010.

Fact check: 'Brexit endangers UK union and leaves uncertainty around Irish border'

Credit: ITV

A vote for Brexit would endanger the union of the UK, with uncertainty surrounding the country's border with Ireland, according to Remain campaigner Amber Rudd.

Vote Leave admit that they "don't know" what would happen to the UK border with Ireland.

Fact-checking organisation Full Fact say that "don't know" is a fair summary.

Nobody can be sure what would happen to borders between the Republic of Ireland and the UK if we vote to leave the EU. Claims that there would or wouldn’t be border controls on the island of Ireland are predictions, not facts, at this stage.

Some sort of customs checks on goods crossing the border would be needed, but not necessarily passport checks or stopping everyone.

It depends whether the a post-Brexit UK puts restrictions on EU immigration.

Johnson to Rudd: I thought you wanted Turkey in the EU

Amber Rudd, speaking for Remain, said: "Be careful of the lies we'll get from Vote Leave when we know that Turkey isn't coming into the European Union - be careful of the misinformation you're going to get from them."

"I thought that's what you wanted," Boris Johnson interjected.

Rudd ignored his comment and went on with her comments.

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