Oscar Pistorius to be sentenced for murder on July 6

South African paralympic gold medallist Oscar Pistorius will be sentenced on July 6 for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013.

The double-amputee's manslaughter conviction was overturned last year by an appeals court, which convicted Pistorius of the more serious charge of murder.

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Pistorius 'allowed private doctor' in prison, court told

Prison nurse Charlotte Mashabane giving evidence. Credit: RTV

Oscar Pistorius was allowed a private doctor in prison who was also a cousin of his, a court in South Africa has been told.

Speaking from the witness stand on the second day of his sentencing for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp, prison nurse Charlotte Mashabane also said Pistorius showed moments of anger.

ITV News' Africa Correspondent John Ray is at Pretoria High Court:


Father: We forgive Oscar, but he must pay for his crime

Barry Steenkamp has told a court he and his wife June forgive Oscar Pistorius for killing his daughter, but he must pay for his crime.

Mr Steenkamp added that he would like to talk to Pistorius one day.

"June (Reeva's mother) is a Christian, so am I but I don't really go to church. June has forgiven. She feels it's right in her heart to forgive Oscar," he said.

"But...forgiving like that, it still does not exonerate you from the crime that you committed. He has to pay for that.

"It's been very difficult for me to forgive. But I feel the same, that Oscar has to pay for what he did. He has to pay for it. And that's all I can say.

"Most probably the time will come when I want to talk to Oscar, in private, not now, at a later stage, I would like to talk to him, yes."

Father: Reeva's death 'like it happened yesterday'

The father of Reeva Steenkamp has described in court the moment he found out his daughter had died.

"I was at work. I got a phone call from June", said Barry Steenkamp.

"I couldn't really understand what she was so upset about. (She was) screaming and shouting. At first I thought one of our animals had got killed or something. She said 'come home immediately, come home'.

"I dropped everything. On my way home I tried to fathom what she had tried to tell me but then I realised she'd mentioned Reeva.

"Driving home I realised more and more, Reeva's been killed. It hit me then.

"It's like it happened yesterday. Thank god we had a friend of us staying at the house. He was trying to comfort June."

Steenkamp family given notice on house after death

Barry Steenkamp Credit: RTV

The father of Reeva Steenkamp has said his family were given notice on their house within two weeks of her death after his landlady learned of their financial situation through the media.

"With Reeva's passing the landlady had found out that I was virtually bankrupt and within two weeks of Reeva's death she gave us notice on the house," said Barry Steenkamp.

"We'd never been behind on our rent or anything. But she gave us notice because of what she read in the newspapers.

"It was so distasteful that we decided to relocate immediately"


Barry Steenkamp: 'I think of Reeva every day'

Barry Steenkamp is giving evidence. Credit: RTV

The father of Reeva Steenkamp has told a court in South Africa is thinks about her "every day".

"Every day. Every day of my life, morning, noon, at night, early hours of the morning. I think about her all the time," said Barry Steenkamp.

Speaking at the sentencing of Oscar Pistorius, he said there are photos of Reeva in every room of the house. "Reeva is there with us", he added.

He said that he speaks to Reeva "every day".

"People say it takes you two years, three years and you start to feeling a little bit better about the whole thing, but every day of my life is the same.

"I talk to her. Reeva is with me all the time."

Pistorius 'not a violent or aggressive man', court told

Oscar Pistorius Credit: Reuters

A psychologist who examined Oscar Pistorius has told a court the Paralympian was not a violent and aggressive person.

Professor Scholtz said he disagreed with a report by a prison psychologist which suggested otherwise, saying he found the report to be "unscientific" - adding that he felt the "scope" of it was "limited".

"I'm not saying that he's not verbally, angry or aggressive at times, but I'm saying he's not a violent person in nature," said Scholtz.

Pistorius is being sentenced for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

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