Live updates: Labour turmoil continues

  • Owen Smith has announced he is to stand for the Labour leadership
  • Smith said he was the "radical and credible" leader who could take Labour back into power
  • He is the second MP to enter the race to challenge Jeremy Corbyn after Angela Eagle
  • On Tuesday, Labour chiefs ruled that Corbyn should automatically be placed on the ballot
  • Shadow chancellor John McDonnell was filmed describing Labour "plotters" as "f****** useless"

Live updates

Eagle 'determined' to win leadership race after NEC ruling

Labour leadership challenger Andrea Eagle says she is determined to win the party's leadership contest, after the National Executive Committee ruled that Jeremy Corbyn would automatically be on the ballot.

Credit: ITV News

Ms Eagle said: "I'm glad Labour's NEC has come to a decision. I welcome the contest ahead. And I am determined to win it."

NEC members wrestled with legal advice over whether Mr Corbyn would need to secure 51 nominations to make it onto the ballot after both sides insisted Labour's rulebook backed their case.

However committee members voted 18-14 in favour of Mr Corbyn in a secret ballot.

Jeremy Corbyn 'delighted' with NEC vote outcome

Jeremy Corbyn said he is "delighted" that he will automatically be included on the ballot in Labour's leadership contest and pledged to campaign "on all the things that matter".

Speaking outside the Labour HQ at Westminster, Corbyn also said he hoped there would be no legal challenge following victory in the secret ballot by the National Executive Committee.

"I have been elected, last year, 10 months ago today, with a very large mandate. I respect that mandate. It's a responsibility I'm carrying out. I would hope there isn't going to be a legal challenge. There's been a very long legal discussion this afternoon. There were very well-qualified lawyers on hand to advise, so I think we are fine."

– Jeremy Corbyn


Corbyn to be automatically included on leadership ballot

Jeremy Corbyn is facing a challenge from Angela Eagle. Credit: Reuters

Jeremy Corbyn will automatically be included on the ballot in Labour's leadership contest following a vote by the ruling National Executive Committee (NEC).

The secret vote went 18-14 in the Opposition leader's favour following hours of talks at the party's headquarters in central London.

A Labour Party spokesman said: “The NEC has agreed that as the incumbent leader Jeremy Corbyn will go forward onto the ballot without requiring nominations from the Parliamentary Labour Party and the European Parliamentary Labour Party.

"All other Leadership candidates will require nominations from twenty percent of the PLP and EPLP.”

NEC to make Corbyn decision via secret ballot

Jeremy Corbyn is facing a leadership challenge from Angela Eagle (L) Credit: ITV News

Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC) will hold a secret ballot on whether Jeremy Corbyn should automatically be included in the party's leadership contest.

It is thought the decision which was approved 17 - 15 by members of the NEC, gives hopes to Corbyn's opponents who believe he should seek 51 nominations from MPs or MEPs.

Most Labour MPs 'expect Corbyn to be on leadership ballot'

Most Labour MPs expect Jeremy Corbyn to be involved in the party's leadership contest, ITV News understands.

Jeremy Corbyn arrives at Labour HQ in Westminster. Credit: Press Association

Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC) is meeting in central London to rule on whether Mr Corbyn should automatically get on the ballot paper as a sitting leader or whether he needs the nominations of 51 MPs and MEPs as his challenger Angela Eagle.

The committee held a debate on whether the final vote on Corbyn's future today should be a secret ballot, according to ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston.


Dennis Skinner compares rebel Labour MPs to 'scab' miners

Rebellious Labour MPs who want to oust Jeremy Corbyn have been compared to "scab" miners by a veteran left winger as a crunch meeting of the party's ruling committee got under way.

Dennis Skinner sits on Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC) Credit: Press Association

Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC) is meeting in central London to rule on whether Mr Corbyn needs the nominations of 51 MPs and MEPs to stand in the party's leadership contest.

Dennis Skinner, who sits on the committee, compared the 172 Labour MPs who backed a no confidence motion in Mr Corbyn to the Union of Democratic Mineworkers (UDM), who he said supported Margaret Thatcher during the miners' strike of the Eighties.

Mr Skinner said: "There are some people in the party, especially in the Parliamentary Labour Party, that are acting like the UDM - the ones that lined up with Thatcher against the NUM."

Asked if the rebellious MPs were "scabs", he replied: "That's a matter for you to interpret, you seem very plausible."

Corbyn does not need signatures for leadership nomination

Corbyn leaving his north London home earlier. Credit: PA

Jeremy Corbyn does not require any signatures to be nominated in the Labour leadership race.

ITV News has obtained legal advice given to the party by union Unite which said: "The rules by which the Labour Party is governed are unambiguous.

"The leader does not require any signatures to be nominated in a leadership election where there is a potential challenger to the leadership."

Any Labour MP wanting to challenge the current leader needs at least 51 signatures to get on the ballot.

Angela Eagle announced her bid to try and oust Corbyn earlier today.

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