Eagle pulls out of leadership bid to back Owen over Corbyn

Angela Eagle has withdrawn from the contest for the Labour leadership, leaving Owen Smith to challenge Jeremy Corbyn.

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All-male Labour leadership contest as Eagle pulls out

Labour is set for an all-male leadership contest after Angela Eagle withdrew to offer her support to Owen Smith as a "unity candidate" to take on Jeremy Corbyn.

Ms Eagle, who was first to challenge the Labour leader's position on July 11, stepped down after it became apparent that Pontypridd MP Mr Smith was set to outstrip her in the race for nominations from MPs and MEPs.

ITV News' Political Editor Robert Peston reports:


Smith: Labour will be 'destroyed' with Corbyn in charge

Owen Smith said Labour "will split and be destroyed" with Jeremy Corbyn in charge, as he was confirmed as the only challenger to Mr Corbyn's leadership.

The MP for Pontypridd pledged to "go beyond the slogans" used by Mr Corbyn and "get to some of the solutions", which he said is necessary if the party is to turn from a protest party into one that "people can imagine running the country."

Mr Smith said that "the values we all hold are worth nothing unless we can put them into practice by winning power".

Speaking to ITV News, the Welshman added that he is "incredibly proud" that his colleagues have put their faith in him to "do what they know is necessary" to "unite the Labour party and heal the divisions that have been tearing us apart in recent months".

"With Jeremy in charge of this party this party will split and be destroyed, and that is why I felt I had no choice but to put my name forward and to stand for the leadership," he said.

Angela Eagle is supporting Owen Smith to 'unite Labour'

Angela Eagle said she is backing Owen Smith in his bid for Labour leadership in order to unite the Labour party.

Owen Smith has received 88 nominations from Labour MPs and two from MEPs in the party's leadership contest, therefore clearing the hurdle of 51 nominations to become a candidate.

We have a Labour party at the moment that is not working. We have got a leader that does not have the confidence of his MPs and is not reaching out to the rest of the country. We need to have a strong and united Labour party so we can be a good opposition, take the fight to the Conservative government and heal our country.

– Angela Eagle

Angela Eagle pulls out of Labour leadership race

Angela Eagle has withdrawn from the race to oust Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

ITV News' Political Editor Robert Peston has the latest:

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