Steven Woolfe 'was punched in the face', examination suggests

Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe was punched in the face, new medical evidence suggests.

Sources told ITV News that "bruises consistent with a punch" were found by a team of independent experts.

Mr Woolfe was involved in an altercation with fellow Ukip MEP Mike Hookem in Strasbourg on Thursday.

Mr Hookem "absolutely" denies being responsible for Mr Woolfe's injuries and claims he acted in self-defence during a "scuffle".

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Mike Hookem: 'No punches were thrown'

Mike Hookem denied that any punches were thrown Credit: PA

Mike Hookem denied any punches were thrown when he and Ukip leadership favourite Steven Woolfe clashed at the European Parliament.

Defence spokesman Mr Hookem admitted that a "scuffle" had taken place but maintained he acted in self-defence.

Mr Woolfe is currently in hospital in Strasbourg following the coming together.

But Mr Hookem insisted he was not responsible for his colleague's injuries.

"If they suspend me they will have to suspend Steven Woolfe as well", the 62-year-old told the BBC.

Schulz refers Steven Woolfe altercation to committee

Martin Schulz. Credit: Reuters

European Parliament President Martin Schulz has said he will refer an altercation, which caused Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe to collapse,to an advisory committee.

Mr Schulz said he asked for the parliament's committee to deal with the "very regrettable matter" next week as a matter of "urgency".

"The reported facts are extremely serious," he added. "It goes without saying that disrespectful and violent behaviour does not have a place in the European Parliament.

"Moreover, indulging in this kind of conduct might result in a breach of Rule 11 of Parliament’s Rules of Procedures and of Article 1 of the Code of Conduct for Members of the European Parliament."

Farage: 'I've launched inquiry into nasty altercation'

Nigel Farage has launched an inquiry into the 'altercation' Credit: PA

Nigel Farage has launched an inquiry into the "nasty altercation" between Ukip MEPs Steven Woolfe and Mike Hookem.

Mr Farage, who admitted he is back in temporary charge of the party, said he hopes to have established what exactly happened by next week.

"I've launched an investigation: two senior party officers will take witness statements from everybody inside and outside that room and we will know by the middle of next week exactly what happened", he said.

The 52-year-old added: "He [Steven] has suffered two nasty seizures.

"I don't know how long he's going to be in hospital but you know he's been through a very, very rough experience".


Woolfe has 'reached out hand of friendship' to Hookem

Ukip leadership hopeful Steven Woolfe has "reached out the hand of friendship" to fellow MEP Mike Hookem.

Mr Woolfe realised things "did go too far" after the pair came to blows outside the European Parliament on Thursday - landing Mr Woolfe in hospital with a suspected brain injury.

Ukip MEP Nathan Gill confirmed that the 49-year-old has now been moved to a neurological department for a further 48 hours.

He stressed that Mr Woolfe's condition had improved and described him as being in "extremely good form".

"Steven has this morning reached out the hand of friendship to Mr Hookem, to Mike, and has realised that things did go too far in the MEP meeting", Mr Gill said.

He added that while it is "way too early" to consider whether Mr Woolfe will still run for party leadership, a "full and thorough" investigation into the incident will be held.

Ukip's Steven Woolfe 'moved to neurological department'

Steven Woolfe will spend two days in hospital Credit: UKIP

Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe will be moved to a neurological department following a brain scare, ITV News understands.

The 49-year-old leadership candidate was rushed to a Strasbourg hospital on Thursday after allegedly being hit by fellow Ukip politican Mike Hookem - something the latter denies.

Woolfe was initially treated by medics after at the European Parliament before a more serious head injury was ruled out.

On Friday, Woolfe was released from hospital and moved to a neurological department, ITV News believes.

Ukip's Steven Woolfe 'hit head on wall before collapse'

Ukip's Steven Woolfe hit his head on a wall during an altercation with fellow MEP Mike Hookem and collapsed shortly afterwards, according to ITV News Political Editor Robert Peston.

Passions were high at a meeting of Ukip MEPs but Mr Woolfe decided against leaving the party, Peston told News at Ten.

"He was called effectively a traitor by Mr Hookem and they decided to take it outside," he said.

"There appears to be some dispute, doubt over whether punches were thrown but everyone says there was an altercation, some kind of a scuffle, he hits his head on the wall and later he collapses."

ITV News' political correspondent Carl Dinnen says a spokesperson for Mr Hookem told him it was "a purely verbal altercation" and no punches were thrown.

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