Serial killer Stephen Port guilty of murdering four men

Stephen Port has been found guilty of the murders of Jack Taylor, Daniel Whitworth, Gabriel Kovari and Anthony Walgate.

The 41-year-old chef stalked his victims on gay dating apps including Grindr and plied them with fatal amounts of date-rape drugs so he could attack them.

The jury convicted Port of a total of 22 offences against 11 men, including the four murders, four rapes, 10 counts of administering a substance, and four sex assaults. He was cleared on three counts of rape.

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Jury found serial killer guilty of 22 offences

Stephen Port being questioned by police. Credit: Met Police

Jurors took 28 hours of deliberation to convict Stephen Port of 22 offences against 11 men.

As well as the murder of four men, jurors found him guilty of four rapes, 10 counts of administering a substance and four sex assaults.

He was cleared on three counts of rape.

Drug dealer that sold GHB to serial killer jailed

Peter Hirons unwittingly sold Stephen Port GHB which was used to kill at least one of his victims. Credit: Met Police

A drug dealer believed to have unwittingly supplied Stephen Port with GHB that he used to kill at least one of his victims has been jailed for two and a half years.

Peter Hirons, 48, sold drugs to the killer hours before he murdered forklift truck driver Jack Taylor, 25, with a lethal injection.

When police analysed Hirons' account on gay dating app Grindr after his arrest in October last year, they found he supplied Port with "Liquid G (GHB), poppers, T and M (crystal meth and MDMA)" between August and October.

Hirons' activity on the app also showed Mr Taylor previously refusing to take drugs, saying he would lose his job as a forklift truck driver if he failed a drug test. The two men had coincidentally hooked up via Grindr in June 2015.

Three months later, Port met Mr Taylor at Barking Station after meeting via Grindr and later killed him dumping his body in a graveyard.

Hirons admitted six drugs charges and one of possession of criminal property in October and was jailed at Snaresbrook Crown Court on November 8.

Family of murder victim: 'The fight for answers goes on'

Daniel Whitworth's stepmother Mandy Pearson and his father Adam Whitworth outside court. Credit: PA

The family of Stephen Port's third murder victim have vowed to fight on for answers on the police handling of the case.

Daniel Whitworth's stepmother Mandy Pearson made a statement outside the Old Bailey on behalf of his father Adam and the rest of his family.

She said the "circle of camaraderie" among the affected families had helped see them through the "dark days".

We are bereft at the loss of such a clever, talented and much loved boy and we have yet to concentrate on other areas of accountability.

An investigation is, as I am sure you are all aware by now, in the hands of the IPCC. The fight goes on until all our questions are answered. It has been difficult to say the least and has had a huge impact on our lives which will never be the same again. We are emotionally and physically exhausted.

– Mandy Pearson, Daniel Whitworth's stepmother


Murder victim's family hit out at police investigation

Jack Taylor's mum Jeanette and sisters Jenny (left) and Donna (right) outside the Old Bailey. Credit: PA

The family of Stephen Port's last murder victim said that their loved one would be alive today if police had "done their job".

Jack Taylor's death was at first dismissed as "just another drug overdose", his mother and sisters said in a statement outside court after Port's conviction.

Mr Taylor, 25, was found dead near found dead near Barking Abbey graveyard on September 14 2015, in almost identical circumstances to Port's other victims.

Outside court, his mother Jeanette and sisters Jenny and Donna said in a statement: "We do believe Jack would still be here if they had done their job."

They said they "definitely" plan to sue the Metropolitan Police adding it should "be held accountable for Jack's death".

Jack Taylor's death was first dismissed as a drug overdose, his family claim. Credit: Family handout

We do understand it's not [the police] who took Jack's life but Stephen Port would have been stopped.

We obviously think as a family - the other drug overdoses including Jack's - we felt from the beginning with Jack it was seen as just another one and it was not taken seriously.

If it had been a woman, then more would have been done. We had to fight from the beginning. We kept pushing for an investigation.

– Family of Jack Taylor

Police re-examining 58 GHB deaths after killer's conviction

Stephen Port raped and murdered his victims using the drug GHB. Credit: Met Police

Police are re-examining 58 unexplained deaths in London involving the drug GHB over a four-year period following the conviction of Stephen Port.

Commander Stuart Cundy of the Met's Specialist Crime and Operations Command said the cases were being scrutinised to ensure that foul play has not been missed in other cases.

He said that work was being done to improve officers' understanding of so-called "chemsex" - when gay men take drugs before having sex - and to make sure officers could spot when a death might be suspicious.

Investigators have also appealed for any other men who may have been sexually assaulted or raped by Port to come forward.

Police investigating 'failures' over catching serial killer

Victims (top left to bottom right) Daniel Whitworth, 21, Jack Taylor, 25, Anthony Walgate, 23, and Gabriel Kovari, 22, Credit: Met Police/Family Handout

Seventeen police officers are facing investigation for possible misconduct over failures in catching serial killer Stephen Port.

Scotland Yard admitted "potential opportunities" were missed and investigators failed to see "striking similarities" between the deaths of Port's four victims.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is investigating whether homophobia played a part in the errors.

The family of Jack Taylor, the fourth man to die at Port's hands, plan to sue Scotland Yard and say the killer would not have been stopped if they had not fought for a full investigation.

It's not appropriate to pre-empt what the IPCC may or may not find from their investigation at this point in time but, rest assured, we're not sitting here waiting for those findings to come through. That's why we've already taken action in areas where we know we could have done better.

I can't sit here and say categorically that lives could have been saved or other victims protected. All I can say is from the evidence we've heard at trial there were potential opportunities that were missed. The IPCC investigation will carefully consider those.

– Commander Stuart Cundy, Met's Specialist Crime and Operations Command

Grindr serial killer found guilty of murdering fourth man

Stephen Port stalked his victims on the Grindr app. Credit: Met Police

Grindr serial killer Stephen Port has been found guilty of the murder of a fourth victim.

The 41-year-old was convicted at the Old Bailey of the murder of Anthony Walgate, 23.

He was earlier found guilty of the murder of three other men - Jack Taylor, Daniel Whitworth and Gabriel Kovari - to fulfil his depraved sexual fantasies.

The 41-year-old chef stalked his victims on dating websites and plied them with drinks spiked with fatal amounts of drug GHB to rape them while they were unconscious.

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