Live updates: Final day of election campaigning

Leaders of Britain's biggest parties are criss-crossing the country in a whirlwind last-minute bid for votes ahead of General Election day on Thursday.

Daybreak saw Theresa May campaigning for votes in London's Smithfield meat market, where the Prime Minister posed for photos with butchers wearing bloodied white coats.

Jeremy Corbyn told a rally of cheering supporters in Glasgow that he was hopeful of a "very historic" Labour majority on Friday.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron told ITV News Theresa May's pledge to change human rights legislation in the wake of recent terror attacks would be playing into the hands of terrorists.

Live updates

Nicola Sturgeon stands by referendum claims

Nicola Sturgeon stands by her claim the Scottish Labour leader told her she would drop her party's opposition to a second independence referendum in the wake of the vote for Brexit.

The First Minister came under fire for apparently disclosing a private conversation she had with Kezia Dugdale after the UK's Brexit vote.

But Ms Dugdale later described this as a "categoric lie".

The SNP currently hold 56 seats in the Scottish Parliament, where the constitution and the fight for independence are at the heart of the battle.

A second referendum will depend on how many of those seats the SNP hold on to this Thursday.

Theresa May: We need to review police powers

Theresa May has suggested that human rights laws could be changed to deal with terrorism during a speech in Norfolk on the final day of her campaign trail.

"Yes, we do need to look at the powers for the police and security intelligence agencies, to make sure that as the threat evolves they have the powers that they need," she told the audience at an event in Norwich.

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Corbyn: It's a choice of hope or fear

Jeremy Corbyn promised an NHS free at the point-of-use and an economy that works for all during a final campaign push before the election.

In his second rally of the day, the Labour leader told crowds in Runcorn that "never before has there been a clearer choice in British politics about which way we go".

He added that five more years of the Conservatives would mean "five more years of NHS cuts".

Mr Corbyn went on to promise free school meals for every child in every primary school because "hungry children don't learn".

Terrorists would 'have won' if human rights laws changed

Tim Farron has told ITV News Theresa May's pledge to change human rights legislation in the wake of recent terror attacks would be playing into the hands of terrorists.

Theresa May announced on Tuesday she would change human rights laws if they were stopping authorities tackling terrorism.

Asked about the prime ministers proposal, the Liberal Democrat leader said: "When all is said and done, changing the law is not what keeps us safe. Investing in our police and in our intelligence and security services - that Theresa May has cut - that is what would keep us safe.

"The danger is on the eve of an election, politicians will sometimes try and do something that looks good but we all know doesn't do us any good.

"And the minute we start throwing away our rights and our freedoms as a society is the moment we start to let the terrorists win."


Corbyn tells rally: They underestimated us, didn't they?

Jeremy Corbyn on his final day of campaigning Credit: PA

Jeremy Corbyn has begun a marathon final day of General Election campaigning with a rally in Glasgow city centre.

The Labour leader, cheered by hundreds of supporters, delivered one of his final addresses to voters from a platform on Buchanan Street.

Mr Corbyn told the crowd: "They underestimated us didn't they? "They underestimated the good sense of ordinary people, ordinary people all over Britain."

The speech marked Mr Corbyn's 84th campaign rally, with a further six events planned across the country over the course of the day, culminating in his Islington North constituency in the evening.

May kicks off with 5:30am visit to traders at Smithfield Market

Theresa May began her final day of election campaigning with a 5:30am visit to the traders at London's historic Smithfield Market.

She posed for selfies and joked with butchers but was met with boos from some of the crowd gathered at the market, who shouted "Vote Labour".

Mrs May tweeted: "Early start to the day's campaigning, talking to traders at Smithfield Market. I'll keep our economy strong to help small businesses."

The prime minister will concentrate her final push in the South East, Eastern England and the Midlands while Tim Farron will start in the West Midlands and finish in Oxford.

Tim Farron serves up a Brexit breakfast in Solihull

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron served up a Brexit-themed breakfast at a German cafe in Solihull on the final day of campaigning.

Mr Farron handed out the sausage and sauerkraut to supporters, but refused requests from reporters to eat it on camera as he wanted to try and avoid "the Miliband moment".

He was joined by Ade Adeyemo, the local Lib Dem candidate for Solihull.

The Lib Dems have pledged to have a second EU referendum over the final Brexit deal should they win on 8 June.

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