Extreme weather strands train passengers and motorists overnight as Army called in

Passengers on trains and hundreds of motorists were left stranded overnight as strengthening winds caused blizzards and drifting snow across the UK.

It comes as forecasters warned the country "is not out of the woods yet".

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Remote villages 'cut off' under two feet of snow

Roads in Lincolnshire have become impassable. Credit: PA

Remote villages in Lincolnshire are "totally cut" off under two feet of snow, emergency services have said.

Lincolnshire Police warned that "most roads" in the county had become impassable and urged people not to make journeys "unless absolutely necessary".

Officers said the A52 had become impassable between Boston and Skegness and that they would not be able to reach stranded drivers.

Not even a snowplough was able to get through, the fire service said.

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Snow forces closure of Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport will not reopen until 3pm. Credit: PA

Air passengers are facing travel chaos in Scotland after the extreme weather grounded flights to and from Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Glasgow Airport was forced to shut until at least 3pm on Thursday after initially suspending operations until 11am.

Edinburgh Airport said that most airlines had cancelled all their operations until at least lunchtime.

People flying from the capital were warned to expect a "large number" of delays and cancellations.

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Drivers trapped by snow spend night in vehicles

Some drivers were forced to spend the night in their cars. Credit: PA

Roads made impassable by the snow forced many drivers in Scotland to spend the night in their cars.

Motorists on the M80 near Glasgow were stuck for up to 13 hours, with some remaining in their vehicles overnight or abandoning them on the motorway.

Police Scotland warned people to avoid travelling at all costs on Thursday as a red weather warning remained in place across the country until 10am.

The force tweeted: "Todays advice: don't travel unless you're an emergency worker. #REDALERT remains till 10am and at best will reduce to Yellow."

Scotland's Transport Minister Humza Yousaf also urged people not to travel "unless it is absolutely necessary".


Scottish bus company suspends services

A bus company which operates across west and south-western parts of Scotland has suspended all of its services due to heavy snow.

McGill's routes in Renfrewshire, Glasgow, East Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire and Inverclyde have been halted until Thursday.

The operator said in a tweet: "All McGills services are now suspended for the day. We are anticipating that buses may not be operating before 10am tomorrow morning, but our team will be out assessing from 5am."

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