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Pilots on Airbus passenger plane asleep at same time

Both pilots on an Airbus passenger plane were asleep at the same time with the UK-operated aircraft flying on autopilot.

One of the pilots indicated in a report to the UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that the pair nodded off after both had only five hours sleep in the previous two nights.

Details of last month's incident, on August 13, come at a time when UK pilots' organisation Balpa is unhappy at proposed European changes to flight-time regulations.

This was a serious incident but an isolated one. I think lessons will be learnt from this. We are circulating this report within the industry.

We don't know why the pilots had had so little sleep before this flight. They were taking it in turn to have rest periods, with the one always checking the autopilot and it looks as if both fell asleep at the same time.

– CAA spokesman

Details of the incident, logged by the CAA as a mandatory occurrence report, were obtained by a news agency which had asked for incidents of pilot fatigue.

The CAA did not say which airline was involved nor where the aircraft, an Airbus A330, was travelling.

Airbus deal set to protect 9,000 UK jobs

Aircraft maker Airbus looks set to announce a major new deal today which could help protect 9,000 jobs in the UK.

Airbus UK Factory in Broughton, Chester Credit: PA Wire

Downing Street says the deal could protect 1,500 Airbus jobs in the UK and another 7,500 in the manufacturer's supply chain. David Cameron will visit the company later.


Facts about the Airbus A340-300 aircraft

The Virgin flight that was forced to make an emergency landing at Gatwick airport today was an A330-300. Here are some facts about the aircraft:

  • 340 seats - 59 Premium Economy and 255 Economy
  • It was the first twin-engined long range aircraft in Virgin's fleet
  • Fitted with Rolls Royce Trent 700 engines
  • Virgin describe it as "the most efficient aircraft in its class"
  • Fitted with touch-screen technology and over 300 hours of entertainment content

Wales minister welcomes 'good news' of Indonesia Airbus deal

The junior Wales minister David Jones has welcomed the news from David Cameron's trip to Indonesia that Garuda airline has agreed a deal with Airbus that will protect jobs at its manufacturing plant in Broughton in North Wales:

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