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Passengers 'had to jump from wing' because no chute available

Passenger Jean Walker said some people had to jump from the aircraft wing to the ground.

She said:

It was terrifying.

We were about to take off and the plane started shuddering and there were lights flashing and smoke and the crew started shouting 'Get out, get out'.

She said two women had to jump from the aircraft's wing because there was no escape chute available to her:

We were sitting at the wing and the girl opened the door and we went out on the wing, but there wasn't a chute there.

There were about eight or 10 of us on the wing and I was saying people couldn't come out because there was no chute.

Two girls jumped off the wing on to the ground. They were OK.

Other people got hurt coming down the chutes - they were inflated, but the hostesses were just shouting 'Jump, jump' and people were just banging into each other at the bottom, and about four people were taken to hospital.


  1. Debi Edward - ITV News Scotland Correspondent

Glasgow Airport expected to remain closed for another hour

Glasgow Airport expect the runway to remain closed for at least another hour following the evacuation of a Jet2 flight this morning.

So far 12 flights have been unable to take off from Glasgow and a number of others have been diverted to Edinburgh.

There are reports of four people being treated for minor injuries, thought to have been sustained when using emergency chutes.


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