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Campbell: PM's TV debates stance 'morally cowardly'

Alastair Campbell has called the Prime Minister's stance on the TV leaders' debates "morally cowardly and democratically wrong".

Labour's former director of communications wrote on his blog: "How well I remember David Cameron proclaiming how marvellous the TV leaders' debates were and, more importantly, how vital they were to the democratic process in the modern media age.

Alastair Campbell called it 'pathetic' that David Cameron was avoiding the TV debates. Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

"And how pathetic it is, five years on, to watch his wriggling and weaselling to avoid them.

"If Ed Miliband is as hopeless as Cameron and his press poodles say he is, why is the Tory leader so scared of going head-to-head over an extended period live on TV?"

Campbell promises £10k if Tories back alcohol pricing

Alastair Campbell, the former director of communications to former Labour prime minister Tony Blair, has promised in a tweet to donate £10,000 to the Conservative party if they back minimum unit pricing for alcohol.

Campbell has written extensively about his drinking problem which caused him to give up alcohol aged 27, and said in September that Britain needed to admit it had a drinking problem.


Burnley the most enterprising city in the UK

Burnley is the most enterprising area of the UK, with a "pioneering" culture and economic prospects, according to the Government.

The Lancashire town won one of four categories in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills' Enterprising Britain Awards.

Former Number 10 press secretary Alastair Campbell told Daybreak how the Lancashire market town benefitted enormously from the community spirit of local entrepreneurs.

He said: "One of the best things that happened in Burnley was that local businesses came together in what is called a Bondholder scheme and basically started to cooperate, work together on a deliberate strategic plan to promote Burnley in a better light."

'Hugely irresponsible' if world does not act on Syria

Former Number 10 Director of Communications Alastair Campbell told ITV's Daybreak it would be "hugely irresponsible and incredibly dangerous" if the world does not act on the Syria conflict.

When pressed whether that meant action in Syria, Mr Campbell said he thought it would be "very, very hard for the world to stand aside giving what we know has happened even before the use of chemical weapons".

Mr Campbell, who was Tony Blair's spin doctor between 1997 and 2003, said both the former Prime Minister's article in The Times (£) and David Cameron's statement on Syria were "measured".

Mr Campbell, who was Number 10's Director of Communications when the Iraq war started in 2003, added that the United Nations "isn't a judgement body, it's a political body".

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