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Doctors claim wonder pill could be 'cure for alopecia'

Doctors could have found a cure for the baldness condition alopecia after a new wonder pill appeared to fully restore the hair of three patients.

Experts were able to develop the drug, called ruxolitinib, after identifying the immune cells responsible for destroying hair follicles in people with the condition.

So far only pilot trials of the drug have been conducted. But within five months all three patients who took part experienced full hair regrowth.

TV presenter Gail Porter refused to wear a hat or wig to hide her baldness. Credit: PA

Lead researcher Dr Raphael Clynes, from Columbia University Medical Center in New York, said: "We've only begun testing the drug in patients, but if the drug continues to be successful and safe, it will have a dramatic positive impact on the lives of people with this disease."

Alopecia affects around one in 100 people in the UK. Famous sufferers include TV presenter Gail Porter and Olympian cycling champion Joanna Rowsell.

Olympic gold medallist Joanna Rowsell says cycling gave her confidence to confront her alopecia. Credit: John Giles/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Man calls Gail Porter 'baldy' in alopecia abuse incident

TV presenter Gail Porter has tweeted her shock after a man accosted her in the street, calling her "baldy."

The Scottish personality has alopecia which has left her suffering from severe hair loss and she has spent years campaigning to increase awareness of the condition.

Porter tweeted to describe the incident which she said left her in tears near her London home:

The 42-year-old later tweeted to thank her 116,000 followers for their support.

MP Nadine Dorries has also spoken out about her battle with alopecia.

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Dorries: When men lose their hair, they have an affair

Tory MP Nadine Dorries, who is suffering from alopecia, says men react very differently to women when they lose their hair.

She told Daybreak: “When men go bald and when they lose their hair, what they tend to do is have a mid-life crisis and go out and have an affair.

“But what women tend to do is to actually go into their houses and lock their door.”

She added: “The worse part is every morning you wake up and look in the mirror – that actually does make you cry every morning.

“That’s the worst part – it’s a bit like your femininity is going down the shower, it’s going down the plughole…

“I’m terrified it’s going to get worse, because it’s getting so thin… it’s an absolute confidence-stealer.”


Nadine Dorries: I'm losing my hair

Nadine Dorries has spoken about suffering from hair loss. Credit: Daybreak

Conservative MP Nadine Dorries has told Daybreak that she is about to start treatment for alopecia.

“I probably had the best year of my life… but obviously these things build up...

“I was having an interview with Tom Bradby a few weeks ago and I noticed on a camera shot that I had a bald patch at the back of my head and I had noticed that my hair in the shower was falling out.

“I do have a friend... who has been off work and on anti-depressants – and I thought ‘goodness, this is happening to me as well’.”