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Coulson ordered to pay £150,000 towards hacking trial

The prosecution had wanted the father-of-three to pay £750,000. Credit: PA

Former Number 10 spin doctor Andy Coulson has been ordered to pay £150,000 towards the costs of last year's £1.7 million hacking trial.

Coulson, 47, was jailed for 18 months after being found guilty of involvement in the hacking of phones while editor of the now-defunct News of the World.

The prosecution had wanted the father-of-three to pay £750,000, but today Mr Justice Saunders said he should pay £150,000 over three years.


Coulson 'delighted' by decision to end perjury trial

Former News of the World Editor Andy Coulson has said he was "delighted" about Lord Burns' decision that he had no case to answer at a perjury trial in Edinburgh.

Speaking outside court Mr Coulson said:

I am obviously delighted by the judge's decision today. It was the right decision. I would like to thank him, I would like to thank the jury for their patience and I would like to thank my brilliant legal team.

This prosecution was always wrong. I didn't lie and the prosecution, in my view, was a gross waste of public money.

I am just delighted that after four pretty testing years that my family and myself have finally had a good day.

– Andy Coulson

Ex-News of the World editor Coulson cleared of perjury

Andy Coulson arrives at the High Court in Edinburgh, where his perjury trial has collapsed. Credit: PA

Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has been cleared of perjury as case against him collapses at the High Court in Edinburgh

Mr Coulson had been accused of committing perjury at the 2010 trial of former socialist MSP Tommy Sheridan.

Trial judge Lord Burns upheld a defence motion that Coulson, from Kent - a former director of communications for the Prime Minister - had no case to answer.

Delivering his ruling, Lord Burns said he had "sustained the arguments in favour of the accused" and told Coulson: "I acquit you of the charge."

He gave his decision on Monday following two days of legal submissions from Mr Coulson's defence QC but it could not be reported until today as the Crown was given time to decide whether to appeal against the ruling.

Andy Coulson will wear electronic tag for four months

Andy Coulson will have to wear an electronic tag until he has served half of his full sentence as a condition of his early release, it is understood.

The disgraced former Number 10 spin doctor has left Hollesley Bay open prison after 20 weeks of his 18-month sentence and will wear the tag for 130 days.

Former tabloid editor Andy Coulson was jailed in July after an eight-month trial at London's Old Bailey. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

The ex-News of the World editor was previously held at HMP Belmarsh in south east London before switching jails in September.

The Ministry of Justice declined to comment on Coulson's arrangement but said inmates can be released for home detention before they have served half of their term.

Public protection is our first priority. Only prisoners who pass a strict risk assessment can be released on home detention curfew (HDC).

Offenders on HDC are subject to strict licence conditions and can be recalled to prison if they breach them.

– Ministry of Justice spokesperson

Prisoners can be considered for HDC if they are serving a sentence of more than three months and less than four years and have served a quarter of their sentence.

Andy Coulson leaves jail after serving 20 weeks

Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson has been released from prison after being jailed for conspiracy to hack phones, ITV News understands.

Andy Coulson was found guilty in June of conspiring to intercept phone messages while in charge of the News of the World. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

The 46-year-old left Hollesley Bay in Suffolk by car this morning after serving 20 weeks of the 18-month sentence he received in July.

Coulson, who also formerly worked as director of communications for Prime Minister David Cameron, will reportedly be made to wear an electronic tag as a condition of his early release.


Report: Andy Coulson moved to open prison

Former Number 10 spokesman Andy Coulson has been moved to an open prison, according to journalist Neville Thurlbeck:

Thurlbeck was jailed for phone hacking with his former editor Coulson and three others at the Old Bailey on July 4. He served 37 days of his six month sentence.

Coulson's former news editor jailed for six months

News of the World's ex-news editor Greg Miskiw was handed a six months jail sentence today for being complicit in industrial scale phone-hacking.

News of the World's ex-news editor Greg Miskiw Credit: PA

The 64-year old pleaded guilty to conspiring to hack phones last year.

The court was told how Mr Miskiw organised the newspaper's contract with private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, who was sentenced today to six months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, plus 200 hours unpaid community work.

Suspended jail service for former NotW news editor

Former News of the World journalist James Weatherup was jailed for four months suspended for 12 months for conspiring to hack phones.

The former news editor was also ordered to do 200 hours unpaid community work.

Former News of the World journalist James Weatherup Credit: PA

Mr Weatherup, 58, declined to comment on the verdict as he left the courtroom.

According to notes presented during to the court, Mr Weatherup tasked a private detective working for the newspaper 157 times.

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