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At least 17 killed in Angola football stadium stampede

At least 17 people have been killed and dozens injured in a stampede at a football stadium in Angola.

Hundreds of football supporters stormed the stadium gates to watch a match between local teams, a medical official said.

The crush happened at the January 4th Stadium in Uige, northern Angola.

A medical official in the local hospital said the "push had led to the suffocation people".

He described how some people had to "walk on top" of other people lying on the ground and that there were "76 casualties of whom 17 died".

'Much work to be done' to achieve mine-free Angola

The Halo trust said "excellent progress" has been made between Princess Diana's visit to Angola in 1997 and Prince Harry's trip this year, but there are "many years of work to be done".

Wars may be over but many people are still unable to resume their normal lives, facing the threat of death or injury by landmines every day.

Halo is making excellent progress in Angola, with the province of Huambo now close to becoming mine free, but there are still many years of work to be done.

With support from Prince Harry, Angola and the international community, Halo will continue to work towards a mine-free Angola for the benefit of the Angolan people.

– Halo chief executive Guy Willoughby