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Crew of stranded Antarctic vessel prepare for rescue

The crew of a research vessel that has become trapped in ice in Antarctica have uploaded this video showing them preparing to be rescued by helicopter.

They can be heard singing 'Auld Lang Syne' as they stamp down the snow near the ship to make it easier for the helicopter to land:

Antarctica passenger: Case of 'hurry up and wait'

An oceanographer awaiting rescue on a Russian ship trapped in ice off Antarctica said it is a case of "hurry up and wait" on the vessel.

Erik van Sebille said in a video diary, "Everything must be ready to go as soon as possible [in case of a successful rescue attempt], but in the meantime it's a lot of waiting here".

The 74 passengers on the MV Akademik Shokalskiy are pinning their hopes on a helicopter rescue after three icebreakers failed to reach the paralysed vessel.

However, the helicopter must wait for a break in the weather before it can attempt a rescue, and conditions are not expected to improve before tomorrow.


Antarctica passengers await 'clear weather window'

Passengers on board the Russian ship stranded off Antarctica are awaiting a "clear weather window" so they can be rescued by helicopter:

Antarctic passengers 'to be evacuated by helicopter'

Russia has said that most of the 74 passengers and crew stranded on a ship off Antarctica will be evacuated by a Chinese helicopter, AFP reported.

"A decision has been reached to evacuate 52 passengers and four crew members by helicopter from China's Xue Long ship, should the weather allow," the news agency reported, citing a Russian foreign ministry statement.

The Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy has been stuck since Christmas Eve Credit: AUSTRALASIAN ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION/FOOTLOOSE

Earlier today, an Australian icebreaker's bid to reach Russian ship MV Akademik Shokalskiy was thwarted by poor visibility after a blizzard.

Stranded Russia ship waits for ice breaker's arrival

The Akademik Shokalskiy has been trapped for nearly a week Credit: Reuters

A Russian ship stranded in the Antactic is pictured in ice as an Australian icebreaker's bid to reach it is halted because of poor visibility caused by a blizzard.

MV Akademik Shokalskiy has been stuck since Christmas Eve after a blizzard's whipping winds pushed the sea ice around the ship, freezing it in place.

The ship is not in danger of sinking, and there are several week's worth of supplies for the 74 scientists, tourists and crew on board.

Day in the life of passengers on trapped Antarctica ship

A video has been uploaded to YouTube which shows a day in the life of 74 passengers onboard a Russian ship which has been stranded in the Antarctic for a week.

An Australian icebreaker's mission to free the Akademik Shokalskiy is currently suspended due to poor visibility caused by a blizzard.

Expedition leader Professor Chris Turney tweeted a link to the video and said everyone was well and looking forward to seeing their loved ones soon.


Blizzard halts effort to rescue stranded Antarctica ship

An Antarctic blizzard has halted an Australian icebreaker's bid to reach a Russian ship trapped for a week with 74 people on board.

The Aurora Australis had to return to open waters about 18 nautical miles from the stranded Akademik Shokalskiy because of poor visibility, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), which is co-ordinating the rescue, told Reuters.

The Australian vessel had reached as close as about 10 nautical miles from the trapped ship before turning back.

"The weather condition is not safe for it to proceed, and it's gone back to open water," AMSA spokeswoman Lisa Martin said.

Antarctic expedition leader: 'All well' on stranded ship

The leader of an expedition to the Antarctic that was thwarted after their vessel became stranded in the ice has said all is "well":

Passengers on stranded Antarctica ship wait for rescue

Images of the passengers on board the Russian ship stranded in freezing waters near Antarctica have been released as they wait to be rescued.

Barbara Tucker, a passenger aboard the stranded vessel, looks at an Adelie penguin off East Antarctica. Credit: REUTERS/Andrew Peacock
Nicole De Losa, a passenger on board the Russian vessel waves to a helicopter sent from the Chinese icebreaker Xue Long (Snow Dragon). Credit: REUTERS/Andrew Peacock
A thin coat of snow covers the deck of the trapped ship. Credit: REUTERS/Andrew Peacock
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