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April Jones parents' relief as 'house of evil' demolished

The parents of April Jones say they are glad the "house of evil" where their daughter was murdered has been demolished.

Coral and Paul Jones said the cottage where Mark Bridger is believed to have murdered their daughter had served as a constant reminder to them over the past two years.

ITV News reporter Sally Biddulph reports:

Mum of April Jones speaks of pain as 'evil' house demolished

The mother of murdered five-year-old April Jones has said watching as killer Mark Bridger's "house from hell" was demolished today had reopened her wounds.

A tearful Coral Jones told ITV News that she felt the demolition was "important", but said it had been a painful experience for her.

She said she hoped that removing the "evil" house, where is it believed Bridger murdered the youngster after abducting her from outside her home, would help the whole community start to heal.

April Jones' parents weep as 'house of evil' is demolished

The parents of murdered five-year-old April Jones wept as they watched her killer’s “house of evil” be demolished today.

Mount Pleasant Cottage in Ceinws, Wales, is being demolished Credit: PA

Mark Bridger was sentenced to life in prison for April’s abduction and murder, with police believing he carried out the killing at the rented cottage in mid Wales. Two years on , her body has still not been found.

The house in Ceinws was then bought by the Welsh government, which vowed to raze it to the ground on the wishes of April’s parents, Coral and Paul.

The parents of murdered schoolgirl April Jones, Paul and Coral with siblings Harley and Jazmin, along with an unidentified man, are there to watch the demolition Credit: PA


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April's parents: Bridger home is 'House from Hell'

April Jones' parents have told me how important it is to be here today for the final demolition of her killer's house.

It's opened my wounds up again - it's the House from Hell. Bad memories will always be here in your heart, but it will help the other people to heal, and the community looking onto the evil house - it'll be gone.

We just take each day, each hour, each minute as it comes.

We'll always remember April as a happy, energetic girl - smiling, singing - that's how we'll remember her.

– Coral Jones, April's mother

For now, this is one chapter closed.

Our local community has been brilliant. To be honest, without them, I don't know how we could have done it.

I don't see how we could move anywhere else - if we start running, when do we stop?

– Paul Jones, April's father

Mr and Mrs Jones also said they did not want the house to be a 'memorial site' to their daughter.

PM 'hoodwinked' April Jones parents over abuse images

The parents of murdered schoolgirl April Jones have criticised David Cameron for failing to clamp down on online images of child abuse.

Paul Jones accused the Prime Minister of reneging on a vow to take tough action on blocking internet images of abuse.

Jones told Channel 5 News: "I think he's hoodwinked us a little bit by coming out banging the drums, but hasn't actually put any money in place - he's left it to the internet (companies)."

April Jones' parents Coral and Paul with her brother Harley. Credit: PA Wire

He added: "When I last met David Cameron I said aim high - but he's fallen well short of the mark."

Last July, Cameron threatened to impose tough new laws on internet giants if they fail to blacklist key search terms for horrific images as part a crackdown on online porn unveiled today.

In November, Google and Microsoft promised to introduce new software that will automatically block 100,000 "unambiguous" search terms which lead to illegal content.

Coral and Paul Jones launched the campaign after Mark Bridger was found guilty of their daughter's abduction and murder last year.

Bridger appeal bid was due on 24th January

April Jones' body has never been found. Credit: Police

It was originally thought that Mark Bridger's appeal bid would be heard by leading judges at the Court of Appeal in London on January 24.

Bridger, a father of six, snatched April near her home in Machynlleth, Mid Wales, on 1st October 2012. Her body has never been found.

Sentencing Bridger in May, Mr Justice Griffith Williams said: "There is no doubt in my mind that you are a paedophile, who has for some time harboured sexual and morbid fantasies about young girls."

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