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Russia charges three more British activists with piracy

Russia has charged three more British activists with piracy Credit: Greenpeace

Russia has charged three more British activists with piracy after taking part in a protest against Arctic drilling by Russian energy giant Gazprom.

Greenpeace said Philip Ball, Alexandra Harris and Anthony Perrett had all been charged, along with six activists from other countries. They were onboard the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise which was boarded by Russian security forces in September.

Greenpeace said earlier that British freelance filmmaker Kieron Bryan, 29, has also been charged with piracy.


Photos show Russian boarding of Greenpeace ship

A Greenpeace photo from its ship Arctic Sunrise Credit: Greenpeace

Greenpeace have released new photos of its ship Arctic Sunrise apparently being boarded by Russian security forces during a protest against Arctic drilling.

A Greenpeace photo from its ship Arctic Sunrise Credit: Greenpeace

Thirty activists were arrested last month while protesting against drilling by Gazprom, the Russian energy giant.

A Greenpeace photo from its ship Arctic Sunrise Credit: Greenpeace

Russian authorities have charged two of the protesters with piracy, including Briton Kieron Bryan, 29, a freelance filmmaker.

Russian coast guard 'fire at Arctic oil rig protesters'

Greenpeace protesters, attempting to board an oil rig in the Arctic run by Russian oil giant Gazprom, said they were threatened by armed guards from the Russian coast guard.

Greenpeace said shots were fired at activists as they attempted to reach the rig.

Video footage of the event, which happened early morning on September 18, shows the activists attempting to mount the rig, and promptly retreating after appealing to the Russian authorities to put down their guns.

Six Brits are among 25 protesters being held by Russian authorities after guards boarded Greenpeace's ship yesterday.

Russian guards 'seize Greenpeace Arctic protest ship'

At least 15 armed Russian coast guards have taken over a protest ship in in the Arctic, Greenpeace said.

This picture, purporting to show an armed guard about to board the Greenpeace boat, was taken by a Greenpeace activist on September 18. Credit: Greenpeace

25 protesters, including six Britons, were arrested after guards used helicopters and robes to board the ship. The activists are still being held under armed guard, Greenpeace said.

The ship, the Arctic Sunrise, has been circling an oil platform run by energy giant Gazprom, which is setting ready to drill for oil in the Arctic. Greenpeace say they were inside international waters and outside the jurisdiction of Russian authorities, making the boarding of the ship unlawful.

The armed ship seizure comes a day after activists attempted to board the Gazprom rig. The Russian coast guard responded to the protest by firing live ammunition at protesters as they attempted to climb on to the platform, Greenpeace said.

Government warned over 'risky' Arctic drilling

The Government has been accused of "complacently standing by" while oil and gas drilling starts in the Arctic despite the risks to the environment and climate.

Warning over 'risky' Arctic drilling. Credit: Reuters/Denis Sarrazin/Center for Northern Studies/Handout

Companies such as Shell are not yet able to demonstrate they could clean up an oil spill in the harsh but pristine conditions of the Arctic, MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) said.

And a recent report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) warned that only a third of already proven fossil fuels can be burnt before 2050 if global temperatures are to be kept from rising by more than 2C, widely regarded as the threshold for "dangerous" climate change.

The MPs reiterated their call for a sanctuary to be established in the Arctic, which is protected from oil and gas development.

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