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Former Greek PM wounded in bomb attack in Athens

The 69-year-old Lucas Papademos was hurt after an explosion in his car. Credit: PA

Former Greek prime minister Lucas Papademos has been wounded in a suspected bomb attack in the capital Athens.

Greek police said an explosion in his car in the city centre, which also wounded two others, has left the politician with non-life-threatening injuries.

Greek media reported Mr Papademos suffered injuries to his hands and legs after opening a parcel that turned out to be a letter bomb while being driven in his car.

His driver was also injured in the blast that occurred at 6.30pm local time, Athens newspaper Kathimerini claimed.

Police are yet to confirm whether the explosion was caused by a parcel bomb.

Mr Papademos served as prime minister for six months in 2011-2012 and is a former deputy governor of the European Central Bank.


Supporters of Syriza party hold huge rally in Athens

Greek leftist leader Alexis Tsipras told thousands of people gathered in Athens last night that an end to "national humiliation" was near.

Recent opinion polls showed his Syriza party pulling ahead three days before an election.

Supporters gather to listen to Syriza party leader Alexis Tsipras in central Athens Credit: REUTERS/Marko Djurica

Tsipras urged Greeks to give Syriza an outright victory in Sunday's vote so the country could turn its back on four years of austerity under the terms of an EU/IMF bailout.

Alexis Tsipras addresses thousands in central Athens Credit: REUTERS/Orstis Panagiotou/Pool

"On Monday, national humiliation will be over. We will finish with orders from abroad," Tsipras, 40, told flag-waving supporters at his biggest election rally.

Syriza supporters wave a Greek national flag and other flags Credit: REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

Greeks hold candlelight vigil for Elgin Marbles

Hundreds of Greeks gathered outside the Acropolis museum on Sunday to hold a candlelight vigil asking Britain for the return of the Elgin marbles.

Greeks hold candles in the streets of Athens near the Acropolis Credit: Reuters

The marble statues from the facade of the Parthenon have been the subject of acrimonious dispute since they were taken from Ottoman-ruled Athens by the Earl of Elgin in 1816.

The Mayor of Athens suburb Marathon (centre) joins the vigil Credit: Acropolis

The British Museum attracted controversy last month when it agreed to loan part of the marbles to a museum in Russia.

Protesters hold candles during the vigil Credit: Acropolis


Syrian government jet delayed in Athens over fuel row

A Syrian government delegation heading to peace talks in Switzerland was held up for hours in Athens after a Greek firm refused to refuel the plane they were travelling in.

Vassilis Alevizopoulos, head of Greece's Civil Aviation Workers Union, said a fuel firm had refused to refuel it because of European Union sanctions against Syria.

Syrian state television issued a terse statement saying the four-hour delay could cause foreign minister Walid al-Moualem to miss his meeting with UN chief Ban Ki-Moon. It said the plane had later resumed its flight.

Greek police seek Golden Dawn phone records

Greek police have asked for permission to check the phone records of Golden Dawn politicians as part of an investigation into the killing of a anti-racism rapper by a supporter of the far-right party, police said.

The headquarters of the far right party, Golden Dawn, in Athens.

The government has already asked judges to investigate links between the party, which won 7% of the vote in the last election, and the death of Pavlos Fissas, who was stabbed to death on Tuesday night, after being ambushed a crowd of 30.

A police officer told Reuters that they want to establish if Golden Dawn politicians or local party chiefs called supporters on the evening of the death.

The government says it believed the party is a criminal organisation and a threat to public safety.

PM: 'Extremely critical time' for Greece after stabbing

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has called for calm during an "extremely critical time" for the country after an anti-fascist rapper was fatally stabbed by a man allegedly linked to far-right party Golden Dawn.

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said it was a 'critical' time for the country. Credit: Olivier Douliery/ABACA USA

Samaras said in a televised address to the nation: "This government is determined to not allow descendents of Nazis to poison society, to commit crimes, to terrorise and to undermine the foundations of a country that gave birth to democracy."

Golden Dawn, Greece's third most popular party, insisted it had nothing to do with the killing and has condemned the attack.

Those who accused the party were "wretched sycophants" trying to win votes, the far-right party added.

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