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Pow! Bam! Batman theme tune performed by real bats

A group of musicians have used the sounds bats make to give the Caped Crusader's theme tune a makeover.

Bats produce noises that are not usually audible to humans but the group recorded the mammals in the wild and then digitally reduced the sounds to create their masterpiece.

The end result is a techno-style Batman theme tune that sits better with Adam West's 1960s camp version of the Caped Crusader than Christian Bale's dark and broody reincarnation.

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The six-year-old Batman with his very own Batmobile

Superhero Alfie with his grandad Alan Dennett Credit: Wales News Service
Alfie with his grandad Alan Dennett and the Batmobile Credit: Wales News Service
Alfie looks the part in his Batmobile Credit: Wales News Service
Alfie makes use of the in-built Batmobile phone Credit: Wales News Service

It cost £5,000 and started life as a Daihatsu, but after some work from Alan Dennet, this four-wheeled wonder became a Batmobile. The proud owner is six-year-old superhero enthusiast Alfie, Alan's grandson.

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Bradford Batman goes to court

Stan Worby (Batman) escorts Daniel Frayne to his local police station.

Daniel Frayne, the man handed over to police by a friend dressed as Batman has pleaded guilty to two offences at Bradford magistrates court. Frayne,27, admitted trying to cash a stolen cheque worth 300 pounds.

Stan Worby, who wore a Batman costume when he handed Frayne in came with him to court today, in regular clothes.


Bradford 'Batman' unmasked as Stan the delivery man

A masked crusader who walked into a police station dressed as Batman to hand over an alleged criminal has revealed himself as Stan the delivery man.

Mr Warby, 39, told ITV's Daybreak that he had been at Bradford City's cup final clash against Swansea dressed as the superhero when his friend, Danny Frayne, called him asking for help in handing himself in to officers.

Asked why he went dressed as the comic book hero, he said: "Obviously he wanted to get straight down there and I wanted my bed as it was 1.30am."

Frayne, 27, was later charged with handling stolen goods and fraud-related offences, and will appear before magistrates on Friday.

Dynamo is bookies' favourite to be 'Bradford Batman'

After Batman appeared to hand in a suspect at a Bradford police station speculation about the identity of the Caped Crusader has run wild - with suspicion even falling on local MP George Galloway - Ladbrokes has now released odds on some likely suspects.

Possible Batmans include:

  • Illusionist Dynamo 5/1
  • Former Bradford striker Dean Windass 6/1
  • Gardener and TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh 8/1
  • Kaiser Chiefs singer Ricky Wilson 10/1
  • Former Bradford midfielder Stuart McCall 20/1
  • Supermarket boss Sir Kenneth Morrison 33/1
  • Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley 40/1
  • One Direction's Zayn Malik 50/1

The odds that 'Batman' will hand over another criminal suspect to West Yorkshire Police before the end of 2013 are good, standing at 3/1.

It looks like there is slightly less chance of the Boy Wonder accompanying Batman next time, as the odds of 'Robin' appearing in handing over another criminal suspect to West Yorkshire police before the end of 2013 are 5/1.

George Galloway: 'I am not the Bradford Batman'

Respect MP for Bradford West, Geoge Galloway, has taken to Twitter to deny that he was the Caped Crusader who handed in a man to police in the northern city:

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