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MPs: Current ombudsman 'way behind the times'

The existing watchdog for public services, The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO), is "way behind the times", according to a group of MPs.

The Public Administration committee called for a tougher watchdog to be set up in order to prevent a repeat of the Mid Staffordshire scandal, in which hundreds of patients needlessly died due to poor care.

PHSO is part of our service to our constituents, and it's way behind the times.

Our voters have a right to complain about public services when mistakes, misunderstandings and maladministration occur.

We so often see that people complain not for their own benefit, but to ensure lessons are learned and the same mistakes are not inflicted on others.

As we recently reported, the disaster at the Mid-Staffs hospital is a tragic example of what happens when the complaints system does not work...

An effective ombudsman service can help bring about the change in attitude, behaviour and leadership we need.

– Bernard Jenkin


Tory MP: Brits cannot afford to be 'little Europeans'

Eurosceptic Tory backbencher Bernard Jenkin said Brits "cannot afford to be 'little Europeans'" following David Cameron's speech on Britain's future.

Mr Jenkin said: "The Prime Minister has come to Essex to warn that we cannot afford to be 'little Englanders' - and he is right - but we cannot afford to be 'little Europeans' either, but that's where the EU is taking the UK.

Conservative backbench MP Bernard Jenkin. Credit: Chris Young/PA Archive/Press Association Images

"He is right that the UK's prosperity and security depend so much on what happens in the rest of the world, but wrong to suggest that the UK must stay in the EU.

"Unless there is a fundamental change in our relationship with the EU, the UK will simply have to leave the EU, so British business is free to compete".