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Breaking Bad fan jailed for trying to buy deadly ricin

Mohammed Ali tried to buy enough ricin to kill 1,400 people. Credit: Greater Manchester Police

A man who tried to buy enough ricin to kill 1,400 people after watching the TV show Breaking Bad has been jailed for eight years.

Computer programmer Mohammed Ali, 31, struck a deal with a supplier on the dark web 500 mg of the power for £320.

But the 'supplier' was actually an undercover FBI agent who tipped off counter terrorism police in England and substituted the ricin for harmless powder.

When it was delivered in five vials hidden inside a toy car, police swooped on Ali at his home in Liverpool.

Ali claimed he bought it because he was "curious" and did not know ricin was illegal but he was convicted by a jury.

Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Mole, of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit, said: "Ali attempted to buy a deadly poison and we can only speculate on what he planned to use it for, but in any case such as this, we take swift and decisive action.

"Thanks to the vigilance of officers from a number of different law enforcement agencies, we were able to intervene before this man did get hold of such a deadly substance from a genuine seller."



Bryan Cranston: 'Never say never' to more Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston plays crystal meth-dealing chemistry teacher Walter White in the cult series Breaking Bad. Credit: Abaca

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston has suggested that the cult series may not be finished for good after all.

Asked by CNN host Ashleigh Banfield if his character Walter White was dead, the Golden Globe winner replied: "I don't know."

"You never saw bags zip up or anything, or anybody say... you know."

And asked if there could be another installment of the hit show, he said: "Never say never."

The programme was thought to have concluded after five seasons in September 2013.

US police see 'increase in blue meth' after Breaking Bad

A sample of the blue-tinted crystal meth seized by police in New Mexico. Credit: Police / KOB

Drug dealers in America have been dyeing their crystal methamphetamine blue in an attempt to cash in on the success of hit TV show Breaking Bad, according to police in New Mexico.

Kevin Abar, in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in New Mexico, told the KOB TV station in Albuquerque: “We are seeing an increase in blue meth up in the Four Corners, and into the Farmington region.”

Over 10 million Americans watched the finale of the drama show in which a chemistry teacher creates an extremely popular blue-tinted version of the drug in order to fund his cancer treatment.

But Abar has said the chemicals used to dye the real-world meth are potentially unsafe and likely to make the drugs more dangerous.

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