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Alps shootings witness: 'Injuries didn't match a car accident'

Brett Martin, the first witness on the scene at the al-Hilli family shootings in the French Alps has told the BBC that his opinion "slowly changed" from whether it was a car accident or a shooting.

Mr Martin said he saw the car running and moved the cyclist out of the way of the car. He said he realised that the injuries "did not match the body". He said:

[Zainab al-Hilli] looked from a distance, like she was falling about. But as I approached her I saw she was injured, and there was a lot of blood on her. What it seemed like at the time was a massive car accident.

She was lying semi-conscious. I needed to move her, so I soon gently moved her, clear off the road, and put her in the recovery position. I then moved on. She was very severely injured. It seemed obvious that she had bad head injuries.

It looked just like a Hollywood scene. But unfortunately it was real life.