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Prince William due to start at Cambridge

Prince William will begin a 10 week agricultural course at the prestigious Cambridge University, despite a backlash from students.

The Duke of Cambridge's father, Prince Charles, is patron of the Science and Technology faculty, which runs the course. Credit: PA

The Duke of Cambridge, who gained ABC at A level, was branded "mediocre" by the university newspaper, where students need a A*AA to attend.

He will have 18 to 20 hours of lectures, seminars and meetings a week and is likely to have essays to complete and to make field trips.

The Duke of Cambridge is heir to the Duchy of Cornwall, a 540.9 km² farm estate, which will pass to him when his father, Prince Charles, ascends the throne.


Cambridge Students' Union 'alarmed' at spy claims

The university's students' union is calling on the government to look at the wider issue of surveillance measures in the UK Credit: PA

Cambridge University's Students' Union said it is "alarmed" by claims that police 'tried to spy' on its members.

The Guardian newspaper has obtained a video of an officer trying to recruit an informant to target protest groups.

The Students' Union said it "condemned" the action and wants the government to look at how UK security forces use surveillance.

The National Union of Students (NUS) described it as "an absolute scandal".

The NUS said it undermines students' right to protest and demands to know just how widespread the practice is.

Police 'tried to spy' on Cambridge students

Cambridge students were said to be targeted by police looking to infiltrate protest groups Credit: Reuters

The Guardian claims police officers tried to spy on students at Cambridge University.

Footage obtained by the newspaper appears to show an officer trying to persuade an activist to become an informant in return for money.

The officer wanted details on students who may support groups such as the English Defence League Credit: Reuters

The officer asks for information on potential supporters of groups including UK Uncut, the English Defence League, Unite Against Fascism and anti-fracking demonstrators.

He requested names of students going to protests and lists of the vehicles they were using.

The footage was obtained by the Guardian newspaper which is not revealing the name of the officer involved Credit: Reuters

But the would-be informant was secretly filming the meeting to expose what was going on.

Cambridge University declined to comment, saying it's a police matter.

A spokesman for the county's police force said:

"Officers use covert tactics to gather intelligence, in accordance with the law, to assist in the prevention and detection of criminal activity."

London universities 'best for budding MPs'

London and the South East have the best Universities for budding politicians, the most exciting student nightlife is up north, and Oxford and Cambridge were amongst the best for arts, research has found.

Cambridge University Students out in Cambridge drinking. However, a report from Which? says Cambridge is great for arts and politics. Credit: PA

A report from Which? rated Universities based on five extra-curricular activities - creative arts, politics, student union activities and nightlife - and quizzed 16,000 undergraduates on how their schools were doing.

Oxford and Cambridge did will as breeding grounds for wannabe politicians and artists, but came in low on the list of sporty Universities.

Unsurprisingly, Loughborough - known for its sports facilities - was considered among the best sporty universities, alongside institutions such as Durham, Bath and Birmingham.


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