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80% of Bermuda without power as Hurricane Gonzalo hits

Astronaut Alexander Gerst posted this image earlier from the International Space Station. Credit: Alexander Gerst

Eighty per cent of Bermuda is without power after Hurricane Gonzalo hit pounding the island with winds of up to 130mph.

Locals said buildings, including a hospital, had been damaged but the worst is still expected to come.

And there are fears the "monster storm" could spiral towards the UK.

The National Hurricane Center said the eye of the hurricane would continue to move over Bermuda for the next few hours bringing with it "damaging winds and a life-threatening storm after the eye passes".

Ber News journalist Patricia Burchall told ITV News: "Our situation is pretty dire to be honest. Most the island is out of power."

A local resident, who calls themselves bobbi_bermuda on instragram, posted this video:

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