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Carnival launched review of cruise ships this week

Earlier this week, Carnival Cruise Lines President and Chief Executive Gerry Cahill said the company had launched a comprehensive review of its entire fleet.

It comes after a fire crippled the Carnival Triumph in the Gulf of Mexico last month.

Gerry Cahill, President and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines Credit: Reuters

Carnival on 'technical issue' affecting Dream ship


Latest incident at troubled cruise ship company

A Carnival Cruise Lines ship is stuck at port in St. Maarten in the Caribbean with equipment trouble.

Last month, 4,200 people aboard another Carnival ship were stranded for almost five days, after a fire in its engine room.

The Carnival Triumph came adrift in the Gulf of Mexico

Passengers on the Triumph described "hellish" conditions including being forced to sleep in tents on deck and due to limited food being reduced to eating cold onion sandwiches.

Brazil's non-stop party reaches a crescendo

Faces of death came alive in the electric finale of Brazil's annual carnival parade. Credit: REUTERS/Sergio Moraes
The country's top dance schools performed at Rio's Sambodrome, 15 days after the blowout began with street parties across the city. Credit: REUTERS/Pilar Olivares
The final night of this year's non-stop party was watched by more than 70,000 spectators. Credit: REUTERS/Ricardo Moraes