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Flint joins race to replace Vaz at Home Affairs Committee

Caroline Flint is the first to publicly declare she will run Credit: PA

Caroline Flint is the latest Labour MP to join the race to replace Keith Vaz as chairperson of the powerful Commons Home Affairs Select Committee.

The former minister will battle it out with committee member Chuka Umunna, while former Cabinet minister Yvette Cooper is also considering running.

Ms Flint is the first to publicly declare that she is running, stating that the committee requires an "experienced, independent-minded chair".

Mr Vaz resigned on Tuesday after becoming embroiled in scandal about male escorts.


Labour MP blasts 'anonymous' criticism of Miliband

The row over Ed Miliband's future as Labour party leader has been exacerbated by anonymous quotes given to the media, the shadow energy secretary told Good Morning Britain.

Caroline Flint said Labour MPs who did not have the courage to put their name to their public criticism of Ed Miliband provided a distraction for the media, when it was the Conservatives who were "losing by-elections".

Old stations and lack of investment 'behind blackouts'

Old power stations and a lack of investment are behind this winter's potential blackouts, the Shadow Energy Secretary told Good Morning Britain.

Caroline Flint did not think there would be blackouts this winter, but said there would be recommendations about putting less pressure on the grid.

Labour: Ofgem report 'an admission of failure'

Ofgem's report into the grip the "Big Six" gas and electricity providers have on Britain's energy supply is "an admission of failure" on the part of the regulator, according to the Shadow Minister for Energy.

Labour's Caroline Flint said Ofgem's "state of the market" report into the energy industry proved the watchdog was failing to make sure the industry was competitive.

Caroline Flint: Energy firms will still be able to hike bills

Responding to Ed Davey's statement, Labour shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint has attacked the coalition's plans to reform the energy market.

She said that the reform mean that "energy companies will still be allowed to put up people's bills this winter".

"There is not a single measure that will cost the energy companies a single penny," she added.


Flint: Energy bills are rising by £120 this winter alone

Energy bills are going up by £120 this winter alone, shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint has said after the Government announced that homebuyers are to be handed £1,000 to spend on energy-saving measures.

Shadow Energy Secretary Caroline Flint Credit: PA

Ms Flint added: "[The] Government are dealing with less than half this year's increase, never mind the £300 that bills have gone up by since they got into power.

"It's no surprise with this Government that they're not asking the energy companies to pay for it. David Cameron always stands up for a privileged few. This shows why only a price freeze will do".

Flint: PM 'going round with a begging bowl' on energy

Shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint said David Cameron is "going round with a begging bowl to the energy companies pleading with them to do a freeze" on prices.

Shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint on Daybreak. Credit: ITV/Daybreak

Ms Flint told Daybreak, "The only certainty in this is that the Labour Party led by Ed Miliband is absolutely clear, we won't go with a begging bowl we will legislate to make sure that there's a price freeze".

Labour: Slowing investment not caused by price freeze

Labour's pledge to freeze energy prices would not scare away investment in the energy market, the shadow energy secretary told Daybreak.

Problems with investment had been "going on for the last three to four years" because of the conflicting energy policies of the two parties in the Coalition Government, Caroline Flint said

"We've seen investment in renewable energy halve in the last three years. Of course we want certainty."

Labour: Cameron 'too weak' to stand up to energy firms

Shadow energy secretary Caroline Flint said Ofgem's report shows the Prime Minister "is too weak to stand up to the energy companies and just stands for a privileged few".

The Ofgem report claims the 'Big Six' energy firms had an average profit margin of 20%. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Ms Flint said, “However you look at it, there’s no hiding the fact that on David Cameron’s watch the energy companies have increased their profits on the back of spiralling bills for hard-pressed consumers.

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