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Nigella's ex-PAs feel no guilt over her drugs admission

The former personal assistants of Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi have said they do not feel guilty the TV chef had to admit her drug use in public at their trial.

In their first television interview after being cleared of defrauding the former couple, Lisa Grillo told ITV's This Morning: "I feel sorry that we ended up in that situation, that she did admit to that. But no, not guilty, because it was nothing to do with me, it's her life."

Sisters Elisabetta, known as Lisa (left) and Francesca Grillo. Credit: Press Association

Her sister Francesca added: "It was our freedom. We were in court not because of her drug use or because we wanted her to be punished. In admitting it I think she was very brave to do so, good for her for doing so. But I didn't feel guilty."

Francesca spoke of the potential impact of the trial on Nigella. She said: "I think maybe we won the case but definitely she had the most support from the public.

"She is well loved and she will always be loved. I'm sure she will be fine. She's great at what she's doing and I wish her all the best."

The interview will shown on This Morning at 10.50am tomorrow on ITV.

Nigella: I will survive this and move forward'

Nigella Lawson has said she 'will survive this and move forward'. Credit: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

Nigella Lawson told The Mail on Sunday's Event magazine that she had "toughened up" in the past year.

She added in a statement issued to the newspaper by her publicist Mark Hutchinson: "I will survive this and move forward. I just want to focus on family life and work."

Ms Lawson also spoke of how she is now throwing her energies into her latest project, new TV show The Taste.


Lawson trial evidence 'will have implications'

Court artist sketch of TV cook Nigella Lawson giving evidence. Credit: Elizabeth Cook/PA Wire

Commander Stephen Watson said the evidence heard in the trial at Isleworth Crown Court would have "implications".

He told The Sunday Telegraph: "Part and parcel of that review we will undertake will be to look at all aspects of the testimony that was given in the trial, which is now public knowledge, and will reveal itself in the transcripts of the trial.

"There are implications in terms of what has been said during the course of that trial and all those implications will be taken into account in determining an appropriate way forward."

Specialist team to review Lawson cocaine evidence

After the MPS 's decision not to investigate at this stage was queried in press reporting, we would like to clarify the position with regard to this witness.

The Senior Investigating Officer received legal advice that the witness's admissions did not by themselves provide sufficient evidence to bring charges.

On that basis therefore, and in absence of any other corroboration, there is no imminent prospect of a prosecution being mounted.

As we said however, should any evidence come to light that can be investigated further, we will review this decision. A specialist team from the MPS will nevertheless examine all the evidence emerging as part of a review into this matter and in conjunction with the Crown Prosecution Service, will determine an appropriate way forward.

– Metropolitan Police statement

Police 'to review' Nigella Lawson's cocaine admission

Police will review Nigella Lawson's admission that she took cocaine. Credit: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Police are to review TV cook Nigella Lawson's admission that she took cocaine.

The 53-year-old "Domestic Goddess" revealed during the fraud trial of her two former assistants that she took the class A drug twice.

Once with her late husband John Diamond when he found out he had terminal cancer, and in July 2010 when she claimed she was being "subjected to intimate terrorism" by her former husband, Charles Saatchi.

Scotland Yard said on Friday that officers would not look into the issue at this stage, but the force would review the decision if new evidence came to light.

But in a statement released last night, the force revealed that "a specialist team from the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) will examine the evidence emerging as part of a review into this matter".


Nigella: My experience as witness was deeply disturbing

The full statement released by Nigella Lawson said:

I am disappointed but unsurprised by this verdict. Over the three week trial the jury was faced with a ridiculous sideshow of false allegations about drug use which made focus on the actual criminal trial impossible.

My experience as a witness was deeply disturbing.

When false claims about habitual drug use were introduced I did everything possible to ensure the CPS was aware of the sustained background campaign deliberately designed to destroy my reputation.

During the trial not one witness claimed to see me take drugs and not one of my three assistants was asked about these claims by the defence, despite being cross-examined at length.

I did my civic duty, only to be maliciously vilified without the right to respond. I can only hope that my experience will highlight the need for a reform that will give witnesses some rights to rebut false claims made against them.

Even more harrowing was seeing my children subjected to extreme allegations in court without any real protection or representation. For this I cannot forgive the court process.

When I gave evidence I spoke of my regret at having to talk about the circumstances of the end of my marriage and also voiced concern about a campaign to circulate false allegations carried out over the course of this summer, then circulated as witness statements from the Grillos by a publicist, and eventually added to the defence of this prosecution in November.

That concern remains.

While this has been a difficult and upsetting time for both me and my family I would like to thank my friends, family and all those who have expressed support throughout this ordeal.

– Nigella Lawson

Civil case still outstanding against Nigella's former PAs

The case against former Nigella Lawson's former aides is not over for them yet.

There are still civil proceedings outstanding for the £685,000 that the couple are trying to recover.

Francesca Grillo and Elisabetta arriving at Isleworth Crown court this morning Credit: Reuters
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