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Experts hope helicopter black box reveal cause of crash

Investigators will try to establish what caused a helicopter to plunge into the North Sea, killing four oil workers, after the wreckage was recovered from the water.

Misty conditions last night hampered efforts to salvage the wreckage of the Super Puma and transport it back to shore for examination by a team from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB).

It is understood that the remains of the Super Puma AS332 L2 were eventually lifted on to the deck of the vessel Bibby Polaris which was due to travel to a mainland port.

It is hoped information on the helicopter's black box recorder will help establish the cause of the crash.

Emergency meeting into fatal Shetland helicopter crash

An emergency meeting of gas and oil companies will be held tomorrow in the wake of

Friday's deadly helicopter crash off the coast of Shetland, which killed four oil workers.

The entire UK fleet of the commercial Super Puma aircraft has been grounded following the tragedy amid a growing backlash against the aircraft.


Shetland helicopter wreckage being brought ashore

The wreckage from the helicopter crash in the Shetlands is being brought ashore for inspection by a team from the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB).

Shetland coastguard manager John Webster earlier said:

The heavy-lift ship is out at the moment trying to recover what wreckage it can from the sea. After that the Air Accidents Investigation Branch will decide where to take it.

A lot of our crew are shocked, to say the least. We've dealt with a few air crashes before. Each one is different but each is as sad as the last.

Shetland and Aberdeen 'in shock' after helicopter crash

There is a "tangible sense of mourning and shock" in Shetland and Aberdeen following Friday's fatal helicopter crash off the Scottish island, police have said in a statement.

Friday's incident has had a huge impact on those who work or have relatives in the oil and gas industries but also the communities in Shetland and Aberdeen.

There is a tangible sense of mourning and shock in the area and there is unlikely to be anyone who hasn't had this on their minds over the last few days.

The quick and co-ordinated response by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), RNLI and other emergency services may have prevented further loss of life in this already tragic incident.

– Chief Inspector Angus MacInnes

Police reach out to support helicopter victims' families

Police Scotland confirmed the fourth and final body from Friday evening's helicopter crash two miles off the Shetland coast has been recovered from the wreckage. The statement read:

The fourth person was recovered from the wreckage a short time ago and we have deployed family liaison officers to support those who have lost loved ones. We are also working with the industry to help support all of those affected.

– Police Scotland

Two people remain in Lerwick hospital with non-life threatening images, while 12 others involved in the crash were released from hospital yesterday.


Shetland rescue workers continue search for final body

Coastguards said they may be close to recovering a fourth body from the wreckage of a helicopter that crashed off Shetland.

The Shetland coastguard manager said:

There is one person still unaccounted for. That search is ongoing and we will hopefully have it resolved in the next few hours.

A lot of our crew are shocked, to say the least. The majority are holding out well but one or two are suffering a wee bit more than others. Our role will end as soon as the final body is recovered.

– Shetland coastguard manager

Helicopter operator Bond grounds Super Puma fleet

Bond has joined other major helicopter operators in grounding its Super Puma aircrafts following the deaths of four North Sea oil workers in a crash.

A Bond spokesman said:

At this time, and until further information becomes available, Bond Offshore Helicopters will not be operating any of its Super Puma aircraft fleet, with the exception of our Jigsaw rescue aircraft which will be available for life-at-risk missions. All other flight operations continue as scheduled.

CHC, the company operating the flight that crashed off Shetland on Friday, and Bristow have also grounded their Super Puma fleet.

Call for Super Puma helicopter to be scrapped

A Facebook campaign calling for Super Puma helicopters to scrapped has received has received 18,000 'likes'.

An operation is expected to salvage the remaining wreckage of the Super Puma helicopter that plunged into the North Sea off the coast of Shetland.

Helicopter's yellow floatation device is visable as RNLI volunteers in the Y-boat from the Aith lifeboat inspect the wreckage. Credit: RNLI

The entire fleet of aircraft was grounded yesterday.

Super Puma fleet grounded after helicopter crash

Helicopter's yellow floatation device is visable as RNLI volunteers in the Y-boat from the Aith lifeboat inspect the wreckage. Credit: RNLI/PA Wire

A helicopter transport service has grounded a fleet of its aircraft after a helicopter flying oil workers plunged into the North Sea off Shetland killing four people.

CHC said flights of its Super Puma AS332 L2 aircraft, the model which suddenly ditched without warning while carrying 18 people, are suspended globally until further notice.

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