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Chester Zoo celebrates birth of rare warty pig

An extremely rare piglet has been born at Chester Zoo. Only 200 Visayan warty pigs are thought to be left in their native habitat in the Philippines, making them the rarest of all wild pigs.

Keeper Lucy Edwards said: “Visayan warty pigs are critically endangered and face an extremely high risk of becoming extinct in the wild [...] It really is a battle against time to save them".

Chester Zoo welcomes new addition to the pig community. Credit: Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo was the first in the UK to welcome Visayan warty pigs, a species that gets its name from three pairs of fleshy warts on the boar's face. The sex of the pig is yet to be determined.

The Visayan warty pig has yet to be named. Credit: Chester Zoo
Visayan warty pigs are incredibly rare, with only 200 left in the wild. Credit: Chester Zoo

Rooney and Gerrard: Penguins named after footballers

A baby penguin weighting just 87 grams has hatched in Chester Zoo.

Rooney, named after England forward Wayne, was one of the first Humboldt penguins to hatch at the zoo this year.

The penguin keepers are naming this year’s clutch after past and present superstars of the football World Cup.

Chester Zoo funds a penguins conservation initiative Credit: Chester Zoo
A baby penguin makes its way out of the egg. Credit: Chester Zoo

Rooney has already been joined by Gerrard, named after current England captain Steven, Banks, after 1966 World Cup winning goalkeeper Gordon, and Moore after 1966 World Cup winning captain Bobby.

Baby Humboldt penguin Credit: Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo funds conservation initiatives in the penguins’ homeland to help them in their natural habitat, where they are faced with many pressures including over fishing of their food and habitat loss.

Students apologise for Twin Towers 'horror' costumes

Two students have apologised after entering a fancy dress competition in Chester dressed as New York's Twin Towers under attack.

Amber Langford and Annie Collinge, both 19, were given £150 in shopping vouchers after winning the contest at a nightclub.

Amber Langford and Annie Collinge dressed as the Twin Towers. Credit: George Borsberry

Their outfits depicted flames and explosions during the terror attack on the World Trade Centre on September 11 2001.

The University of Chester students, who entered the horror-themed fancy dress competition on Halloween, told the Sun: "We never meant to be offensive, but we apologise if any offence was caused.

"The idea was to depict a serious, modern-day horror that happened in our lifetime and was not intended as a joke."

Rejected dik-dik hand-reared at zoo

Keepers at Chester Zoo have stepped in to raise a young antelope dik-dik after it was rejected by its mother.

Aluna the Kirk's dik-dik antelope was born two weeks ago but was unable to bond with her mother.

The youngster is bottle fed five times a day Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

It is the second time keepers ta the zoo have had to hand-rear a young dik-dik after a female new born was rejected in 2010 - possibly due to cold weather.

Fully grown dik-diks reach 30-40cm in height to the shoulder Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

The species is native to Kenya, Tanzania, and Namibia and arrived at the zoo in 2008.

The youngster will be bottle fed milk five times a day until it can eat on its own.

Curator of Mammals at Chester Zoo Tim Rowlands at home, hand-rearing a baby dik-dik which was abandoned by its mother. Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire


Bridegroom who started wedding fire jailed

Max Kay pictured in December 2011

A bridegroom who starting a devastating fire at the country house where his wedding reception was held has been jailed for six years.

Max Kay caused £6 million worth of damage to Peckforton Castle Hotel, near Tarporley, Cheshire. The blaze led to almost 200 people, including 11 children, being evacuated.

Kay, 36, from Liverpool, pleaded guilty to a charge of arson that was reckless as to whether life was endangered.