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US State Department will not respond to Chilcot report

The emblem of the US Department of State. Credit: PA

The US State Department has said it will not respond to the Chilcot report's findings, as its focus is on tackling the issues present in the Middle East today.

We are not interested in re-litigating the decisions that lead to the Iraq War in 2003 ... we are not going to go through it [the report], we are not going to examine it, we are not going to try to make an analysis of it or make judgement of the findings one way or another. Our focus is on the challenges we have in Iraq and Syria right now.

I believe that UK officials are taking it seriously and I am going to let them speak to it ... but that's where our focus is right now, not on doing the forensics on decisions that were made 13 years ago.

– A spokesperson for the US State Department



Bush: The world is a better place without Saddam

Across the Atlantic, the findings of the Iraq Inquiry have been poured over by those involved in the planning of the war and its execution. In a statement President Bush said he still believes the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein.

The man Mr Bush chose to run Iraq hit back at criticism in the Chilcot report that Iraq's army should not have been disbanded. Paul Bremer told ITV News he stands by his decision.

Washington Correspondent Robert Moore reports on America's response:

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