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Chris Hadfield's stunning space pictures on one map

A new website has collected all the images Commander Chris Hadfield took from space and arranged them on an interactive map.

The interactive map allows users to find space pictures of locations near to them.

Hadfield gained hundreds of thousands of fans through his pioneering use of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube during his time on board the International Space Station.

Liverpool and Merseyside as seen at night from the ISS. Credit: @Cmdr_Hadfield

Tweeting astronaut Chris Hadfield 'set to retire'

Chris Hadfield, who found fame by tweeting from space, has announced that he will retire from the Canadian Space agency, according to reports.

Commander Hadfield.

Commander Hadfield said he would move back to Canada from Houston, Texas, when he retires next month.

He told news agency The Canadian Press: "I will be making good on a promise I made my wife nearly 30 years ago - that yes, eventually, we would be moving back to Canada.

"I'm looking forward to the next phase of life."


UK astronaut will continue Chris Hadfield's 'great work'

The UK's first official astronaut Major Tim Peake told ITV News he wanted to continue Commander Chris Hadfield's "great work" of tweeting pictures from space but would not "inflict" his singing voice on the world.

Cdr Hadfield, from Canada, performed a cover of David Bowie's song Space Oddity while he was onboard the International Space Station.

Maj Peake said he was "delighted" with his mission to space and added that his family were "thrilled" for him.

No ground control to Major Tim as astronaut shuns song

Britain's first official astronaut Major Tim Peake said he would not follow Commander Chris Hadfield's example of releasing a music video from space.

Cdr Hadfield, from Canada,gained a legion of fans on the Soyuz space capsule mission to and from the ISS, by performing a cover of the David Bowie classic, Space Oddity.

In a jokey reference to David Bowie fan, Cdr Hadfield, Maj Peake said: "I do play the guitar, but very badly, and I wouldn't inflict my singing on anybody."


What happens to the tears of crying astronauts?

Astronaut Chris Hadfield has used his webcam - and growing international audience - to demonstrate what happens to tears in space.

"Your eyes will definitely cry in space, but the difference is: tears don't fall," he shows, using a growing pool of water that sticks to his eye and cheek.

The International Space Station commander has been tweeting and posting photos and videos since blasting into space in December.

Astronaut tweets pictures of cities prior to Earth Hour

Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, currently on board the International Space Station, has been tweeting images of major cities prior to Earth Hour.

The view of New York City from the International Space Station. Credit: Twitter/@Cmdr_Hadfield

He wrote, "New York City, lit up like a bulb. The Statue of Liberty is clearly visible in the night from above".

The picture shows Detroit and Windsor, where Michigan meets Ontario. Credit: Twitter/@Cmdr_Hadfield

The commander also highlighted that "spiderwebs of light expanding out from the dark river border" could be seen of Detroit and Windsor.

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