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Tarrant reveals flight terror after suffering minor stroke

TV presenter Chris Tarrant has said he feared he was going to die at 39,000ft when he suffered a stroke on a flight back to London from Bangkok, describing it as the "most terrifying moment of my life".

The former Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? host was rushed off to London's Charing Cross Hospital upon landing after falling ill on the March 1 flight and was found to have suffered a minor stroke.

Chris Tarrant suffered a minor stroke on a flight back to the UK after filming in Asia and South America in February. Credit: PA Wire

"I got very panicky," Tarrant told the Sun on Sunday. "I was very alone up there, thinking, 'I could die'. I wasn't sure if I was going to fade away completely on my own."

The 67-year-old said he has still not regained full control of his movements or speech two months on but is having physiotherapy and has made changes to his lifestyle to minimise the risk of a repeat attack.

"I am incredibly lucky to be alive because one in three people who have strokes don't make it," he said. "It has made me appreciate my life so much more."

Chris Tarrant 'suffered mini-stroke on 11-hour flight'

Chris Tarrant has spent a week in hospital after suffering a mini-stroke on an 11-hour plane journey, his agent has told The Sun.

Chris Tarrant suffered the mini-stroke after an 11-hour flight. Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images

The Who Want to be Millionaire presenter, 67, was rushed from Heathrow Airport to hospital in West London after falling ill on a plane from Burma.

At first doctors thought he had suffered an asthma attack, before discovering a potentially fatal blood clot in his leg.

Tarrant's agent Paul Vaughan told the paper (£): “The doctor describes it as a mini stroke, probably brought on by the asthma and bronchitis on the plane. They found a clot which they managed to break up."

He added: “He is determined to leave hospital. But he’s not going back to work. This is a nasty wake-up call.”


Edmonds: Contestants take fewer risks due to economy

Noel Edmonds says the country's economic situation is deterring contestants from taking risks in a bid to win big on Deal or No Deal?

Noel Edmonds says the public's reaction to the economy has made them less inclined to take risks on Deal or No Deal? Credit: Press Association

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, he said: "In 2005, when people talked about life-changing money it tended to be, ‘Oh, I would like a sports car, or a holiday in Florida. I would like these things.’

“The reality of the world has changed in a short time and – if you have very little – life-changing money can be £100 or £500.”

Tarrant: Austerity helped kill Millionaire quiz show

Chris Tarrant, the presenter of ITV's Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, said the show was cancelled because of the public's reaction to the recession.

Chris Tarrant with the show's first £1 million winner Judith Keppel in 2000. Credit: PA

The 67-year-old presented the popular quiz show for 15 years before deciding to quit and instead of blaming the lack of a millionaire in recent years, he said austerity helped kill off the programme.

Tarrant told The Daily Telegraph: "People were saying, 'I’ve got 10 grand, I’m not going to risk that.’ I only gave away £80,000 in three nights.

"Now I know that still sounds a huge amount of money but at the height of the show it used to average about £100,000 per night.

"As a nation we’ve stopped gambling. So the public shows aren’t working and we’re running out of celebrities with a brain cell so where are we going to go?”