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Man describes saving Claudia Winkleman's girl

A heroic father has described the moment he saved Claudia Winkleman's daughter when her Halloween costume caught fire.

Jamie Poulton, 45, reportedly suffered second-degree burns as he plucked eight-year-old Matilda from a group of children and put out the flames with his bare hands.

Claudia Winkleman's daughter suffered injuries when her Halloween costume caught fire. Credit: PA

The restaurant owner from London said he was just a few feet away when he saw the youngster's black wizard outfit turn into "a crackling ball of flame" on a narrow doorstep.

He told the Daily Mail: "All the children were wearing the same kit. It was like a potential horror film in front of me, because they were all going to go. "This material just keeps reigniting and re-burning. And it is sticky, so it melts on the skin. It doesn't cinder. It remains hot. It was horrific to be honest."

Mr Poulton, a father of two, insisted he was not a hero. "Any parent would have done exactly the same thing so I don't think there is anything heroic about it," he told the newspaper.