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Crash survivor recalls horror of tram rolling three times

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Croydon crash survivor Taiye Ajibola has described the terrifying moments the tram he was travelling on rolled over three times after it derailed, leaving seven people dead and injuring 50.

Mr Ajibola said he believed the tram was "speeding" as it approached the bend, adding "I thought it was going to stop but it couldn't."

Mr Ajibola - who was injured in the crash - described freeing himself and trying to help others, adding one person trapped in the tram pleaded with fellow passengers: "I'm still alive, don't step on me".

Meanwhile, St George's in Tooting said that three of the people seriously injured in the crash had undergone surgery at the hospital on Wednesday.

In a statement St George's said: "All three patients left theatre yesterday, and are continuing to be looked after by our surgical and medical teams.

"We would like to thank members of the public for their kind wishes, and for the support they have shown to the patients and staff at St George’s.

"We would also like to say thank you again to the various emergency services and agencies involved in managing yesterday’s incident."

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Aerial footage shows Croydon tram crash devastation

Aerial video footage shows the scale of the devastation of the Croydon tram crash.

Forensics teams are combing the crash site for clues to what caused the derailment which killed seven passengers.


Tia Sharp's family were 'living with a monster'

Criminologist and child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas told Daybreak: “They were living with him and did not know. They really were living with a monster.

"And for anyone outside who says ‘why did you not know? Why did you not see what was going on?’ I can completely understand. I’ve spent a lot of time with the family, I’ve spoken to the people who knew him and I tell you what he was a normal person.”


Tia's mother: Hazell was 'soft, gentle and friendly'

The mother of murdered Tia Sharp has told Daybreak that if she saw her daughter's killer again she would ask him "why?"

Speaking to Daybreak, Natalie Sharp said when she knew Stuart Hazell he was "soft, gentle," and "friendly", "there weren't a bad bone in him", she added.

Stuart Hazell was sentenced to a minimum term of 38 years in prison after finally admitting the murder of schoolgirl Tia Sharp.

Ms Sharp added that she trusted Hazell with all of her children, "100% explicitly".

Admitting that she wanted to visit him in jail she said she wanted to ask him why he did it, "but then is he gonna answer the questions? Then I wanna put my hands around my throat".

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