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'No evidence' that rat infested ghost ship is heading for UK

A deserted, rat infested Russian cruise ship rumoured to be headed for British shores has not been spotted since April last year according to The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).

An undated image of former cruise ship 'MV Lyubov Orlova' Credit: Dietmar Hasenpusch/DPA

The MCA said there is "no evidence" the 100m Lyubov Orlova, which tore free from its tug boat off the coast of Canada and is thought to be floating the Atlantic without a crew, is still afloat and headed for British shores.

"Any 'ghost' ship entering European waters is highly likely to be reported due to the large number of vessels passing through the area," the MCA said, "We would then act accordingly," they added.

Reports have suggested a series of storms may have driven the former Soviet cruise ship towards the UK coastline and that salvage hunters are keen to trace the rogue ship in order to cash in on the £60,000 scrap value.

Royal Princess cruise ship in deep water

A cruise ship officially named by the Duchess of Cambridge has had to cut its journey short after losing power.

The Duchess of Cambridge opened the Royal Princess in style this summer. Credit: PA

The liner now needs to be taken to Barcelona for repairs, casting doubt on its next voyage - a 30-day cruise due to begin this Friday.

The ship suffered a power outage while sailing in the Mediterranean between Mykonos and Naples this week.

Passengers are to be provided a full refund of their cruise fare plus a 25% future cruise credit. Credit: PA

The Duchess named the ship, part of the Princess Cruises fleet, in June - one of her last engagements before the birth of her son George the following month.


Passengers endure cruise ship hell in Gulf of Mexico

The Carnival Triumph is due to be towed to land by Thursday. Credit: APTV / US Coast Guard

Passengers who are among 4,200 people on board a stranded cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico have said conditions on the vessel "are getting worse by the hour".

Cabin carpets on board the Carnival cruise ship, which is being towed by a tug boat after being halted Sunday because of a fire in the engine room, are now soaked in urine, according to those on board.

Many have been forced to sleep in tents on deck and food supplies have been reduced to cold onion sandwiches, the passengers reported via a patchy phone line.

The ship is being towed to Mobile, Alabama, at the rate of a few miles per hour. It is expected to reach land on Thursday.