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Advertisement song played from surface of Mars said he could not explain how amazing it was to have his song, Reach for the Stars, to be broadcast from another planet.

Speaking to students at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, he said the song will tell them to raise their expectations of what they can achieve for themselves, and surround themselves with people who believe in them.

During the event,'s angel Foundation and Discovery Education announced a $10m classroom education initiative that will reach 25 million students annually, including 'many from underserved communities'.

Curiosity rover beams back message from Mars

The Curiosity rover has beamed back a voice message from Mars in which Nasa's chief said a manned mission to the red planet could happen "in the not too distant future".

In the audio message, broadcast from the surface of the red planet by the Curiosity rover, Nasa administrator Charles Bolden said:

The knowledge we hope to gain from our observation and analysis of Gale Crater will tell us much about the possibility of life on Mars as well as the past and future possibilities for our own planet.

Curiosity will bring benefits to Earth and inspire a new generation of scientists and explorers, as it prepares the way for a human mission in the not too distant future.

– Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator

Nasa release first high-definition pictures of Mars

Nasa has released the first high-definition colour pictures of Mars sent back to Earth by the Curiosity rover.

The base of Mars' Mount Sharp is pictured in this Nasa handout photo taken by the Curiosity rover. Credit: Reuters / Nasa

The images come from the base of Mars' Mount Sharp where scientists will search for clues as to whether water once flowed on the red planet's surface.

The Curiosity rover landed on Mars on August 6. Credit: Reuters / Nasa
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