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Damascus residents make gas masks in case of attack

Syrians living in rebel-held areas of the capital are manufacturing their own gas masks in case the area comes under another chemical attack like that of 21 August.

Volunteers at work in a home-based factory in eastern Damascus Credit: Reuters

A home in the Ghouta region of Damascus has been converted into makeshift factory turning out 200-300 masks each day. Volunteers then distribute them to local residents.

The gas masks are made from cotton, wax and coal Credit: Reuters

"With our limited resources we were able to produce this protective mask that is made of cotton, coal, wax, and other similar material. God willing this mask will be effective and protect people," said one volunteer called Ibrahim Shami.

They hope that the masks, which are entirely funded by local donations, will be effective enough to give people time to escape any future attack.

Congress to be shown CIA-approved Damascus video

Members of US Congress are to be shown a 13-minute video compilation of CIA-verified footage showing the victims of a chemical attack on eastern Damascas.

Senate Intelligence Committee chairwoman Dianne Feinstein said her committee was shown the "grim and ghoulish" video yesterday.

A boy fights for his life in the aftermath of a chemical attack on eastern Damascus. Credit:

The 13-minute video is available to watch on but viewers are advised that the footage contains some extremely distressing scenes.

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CIA videos more likely to sway opinion than Assad clips

Assad's CBS interview is unlikely to make any difference among the people and policymakers in America.

Much more significant here is the 13 CIA-verified videos, which have just been released, of the chemicals weapons attack on the outskirts of Damascus.

Some of those are extremely harrowing and today those videos are being shown to all members of Congress. That is much more likely to sway opinion.

It is in many ways the secret weapon of the lobbying effort now underway by the White House.


UN inspectors continue probing 'chemical attack'

UN weapons inspectors have been investigating an alleged chemical attack in Damascus for a third day.

This video, which was uploaded to a social networking website, purports to show the inspectors in the suburb of Zamalka east of the city.

ITV News cannot independently verify this video at present.

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