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Vote will 'keep UK at forefront of scientific development'

The Government's chief medical officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, has said she is "delighted" that MPs passed the amendment and that she hopes the Lords will do the same.

Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

She said: "Mitochondrial donation will give women who carry severe mitochondrial disease the opportunity to have children without passing on devastating genetic disorders.

"It will also keep the UK at the forefront of scientific development in this area," Dame Sally added.

Ebola nurse 'had no symptoms' before boarding flight

The Government's chief medical officer has insisted the temperature of the nurse being treated for Ebola was checked before she boarded a flight from Heathrow to Glasgow.

Dame Sally Davies told Good Morning Britain that Pauline Cafferkey "was well" at the airport.

"She had no symptoms - her temperature was within the acceptable range. She would not be transmitting the virus, therefore she was cleared as fit to fly," Dame Sally said.

"Clearly queuing and things like that are unacceptable and we will review, but we will let people who are well travel because they will not infect the public," she added.

Ebola patient posed 'very low risk' to other passengers

Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies has said that Pauline Cafferkey, the Glasgow nurse who has contracted Ebola, posed a "very low risk of infectivity for anyone else" on the flights she travelled on.

Professor Dame Sally Davies says she believes procedures to contain the Ebola case remain "robust"

She said the screening procedures at Heathrow airport would be looked at, but that she was satisfied they were sufficiently robust.

She added: "It is very important that people recognise the role that our volunteers are playing [in countries dealing with Ebola outbreaks] ... and we hope and expect other volunteers to continue to go out".


Chief Medical Officer expects 'handful of cases' of Ebola in the UK

Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies has said that she expects to see a "handful of cases" of Ebola in the UK in the coming months.

She said that while West Africa remains the focal point, "it will not be surprising if we have spillover into this country so I would expect a handful of cases over the next few months".

Soap opera drinking 'irresponsible', warns health chief

Hard-drinking soap characters offer an "irresponsible" portrayal of excessive alcohol consumption, according to the Chief Medical Officer for England

Analysis of six weeks of soap operas and found characters drinking too much on 162 occasions, with negative consequences often left out.

The Rovers Return pub is frequented by characters in Coronation Street. Credit: Eamon and James Clarke/Eamonn and James Clarke/EMPICS Entertainment

However, Dame Sally Davies' report on the state of the nation's health points out that this kind of portrayal of drinking is not a modern phenomenon - every single one of Shakespeare's plays mentions alcohol at least once.

She also says that the way drinking is presented in popular culture is out of kilter with ordinary people's behaviour.

"Drinking to excess is not ‘normal behaviour’, and portraying it as such is irresponsible. Some 75% of the population does not consume excessive quantities of alcohol, and the proportion of the population which abstains from alcohol (15% in 2009) is increasing," she writes.

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