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Alexander: Lib Dems will hold on to seats at election

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has said he is confident the Liberal Democrats will do "very well indeed" at the next General Election and predicted they would hold on to seats.

Mr Alexander even suggested the Lib Dems could gain seats in some areas.

Alexander: Polls show 'every vote has to be fought for'

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has said the recent narrowing between the Yes and No votes in polls shows that "every vote has to be fought for".

He said there are still "huge unanswered questions" which the Yes Scotland campaign has to deal with, especially surrounding the issue of currency.


Lib Dem turnaround on controversial Bedroom Tax

The Liberal Democrats have called for a reform of the "bedroom tax" in a dramatic withdrawal of support for the controversial welfare reform.

Speaking to The Mirror, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said it's time to "take stock and change our approach."

He said:

With only one in 20 of affected claimants having successfully downsized, it’s clearly time to take stock and change our approach in this particular area.

Those already in the social rented sector would only see a reduction in their housing benefit if they are offered a ­suitable smaller home and, crucially, turn it down.

Disabled adults should be treated in the same way as disabled children, by permanently exempting them.

– Danny Alexander

Alexander: Lib Dems 'do not believe in austerity forever'

The Liberal Democrats will not support "austerity forever" and would lead a Government which balanced paying off debts with "investing in the future", according to a senior member of the party.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander told Good Morning Britain the Lib Dems also had to show voters how the party "was distinct" from the Conservatives and Labour.

Danny Alexander: IMF report 'extremely good news'

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury says today's IMF report on the British economy is "extremely good news" and a "strong endorsement" of the Government's strategy.

However, Danny Alexander acknowledged that ministers have to "keep a close eye" on the housing market to defuse any risks.

Alexander: 'Disappointing' result down to 'tactical voting'

Danny Alexander has said the Liberal Democrats' poor performance at the Newark by-election was a "deeply disappointing result," but was due to "tactical voting" from the party's supporters.

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury was asked why the party had slumped from a 20% share of the vote to just 2%, a result that saw them lose their deposit.

He put some of the decline down to voters not wanting to see Ukip win the seat from the Tories, saying: "The last thing our supporters wanted was to be represented by Ukip in the House of Commons, therefore there was a lot of switching to other parties."


Alexander: Public sector pay deal is a 'fair balance'

Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, has told ITV News' Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship the government's pay deal to public sector workers is a "right, fair balance".

It was announced today that public sector workers will receive a one per cent increase to their pay, apart from those who already receive "progresson-in-job" increases due their length of service. These increases are typically worth more than three per cent.

Alexander: 'Risks of independence becoming clearer'

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has said that the risks of Scottish independence are "becoming ever clearer". He said: "What we've seen today with Standard Life and RBS are the risks of independence becoming ever clearer."

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander. Credit: David Cheskin/PA Wire/Press Association Images

He added: "It’s common-sense that when you have something that works there will be adverse consequences if you rip it apart. The strength and stability of the United Kingdom is the essential underpinning of Scotland’s successful financial services sector over several centuries.

"These businesses are reasonably and fairly setting out the consequences of the SNP’s dangerous, risky, and unclear plans for independence. I doubt they’ll be the last.”

Alexander: The long term economic plan is working

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has said that today's inflation figures are evidence the long term economic plan "is working."

Inflation falling below 2% for the first time since November 2009 is further evidence that our long term economic plan is working. Controlling inflation and rebuilding our economy are the only sustainable ways to secure living standards for the future.

– Danny Alexander
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