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Danny Baker back on BBC with 5 live show

Danny Baker was back on the BBC after labelling bosses "weasels" Credit: PA

Danny Baker returned to the airwaves for the first time since his furious on-air rant at the BBC in his Radio 5 live morning show on Saturday.

The opening of the Danny Baker Show was laced with several sarcastic, if restrained, barbs at the expense of the corporation.

"It feels odd (to be on air) after the maelstrom of the week," the broadcaster admitted.

Baker then announced he was axing the show's popular 'sausage sandwich' game.

"I'm going to cut it off while it's at its best, that's the way things are done these days," he remarked.

A stand-in replaced Baker for his BBC London show on Friday after he revealed in Thursday's broadcast that the show had been cancelled by "pinheaded weasels" at the BBC.