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David Hockney painting sells for £9.4m at auction

British artist David Hockney. Credit: Reuters

A 10ft landscape by British artist David Hockney has sold for £9.4m at a Sotheby's auction in New York.

The sale of 'Woldgate Woods, 24, 25 and 26 October' broke an auction record set by Hockney in 2006.

His previous best-selling work was £6.3m in 2009.

The autumnal painting was composed of six connected canvasses.

Sotheby's said Hockney devised the method because of the narrow staircase in his studio.


Over 100 modern works to feature at Palace exhibition

Creations by Tracey Emin and Grayson Perry will appear among more than 100 contemporary artworks to go on show at Buckingham Palace.

Tracey Emin is among several high-profile artists to loan artworks to Buckingham Palace. Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The exhibition will mark the Queen's Diamond jubilee last year, and also features works from David Hockney and Anish Kapoor.

Grayson Perry has loaned designs for his motorbike to the exhibition. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The works were loaned by the Royal Academy and include creations from some of its most high-profile artists.

David Hockney's colourful image of the Queen's initials also features in the exhibition. Credit: Oliver Berg/DPA/Press Association Images

Mr Hockney's work is a colourful image of the Queen's initials from her cypher "EIIR" created on an iPad, while Emin submitted a monoprint portrait of the monarch titled HRH Royal Britannia.

Hockney assistant inquest: 'No idea why he drank bleach'

David Hockney did not attend the inquest Credit: PA

Dominic Elliott, 23, was high on ecstasy and cocaine when he walked into a bathroom at the house in Bridlington, east Yorkshire, and apparently began drinking from a bottle of bleach filled with a 95% concentration of sulphuric acid.

Hockney's former long-term partner, John Fitzherbert, drove Elliot to hospital in Scarborough, but he is thought to have died during the 45-minute journey.

Fitzherbert, in his 60s, told the hearing in Hull how Elliott spent the day before his death watching films, taking drugs and drinking alcohol.

At one point the young man got out of bed, laughed hysterically and threw himself 10ft off a first-floor balcony.

"I've no idea why he did it," said Fitzherbert, who said he was in a nine-month relationship with Elliott before the latter joined Hockney's inner circle at his home-cum-studio.

"He'd been snorting cocaine and he seemed agitated. I just saw his feet go over. He went head-first. Afterwards he got up. He seemed OK.

"I calmed him down and he came back to bed and smoked more cannabis. I asked him what it was all about, but I never got to the bottom of why he'd done it.

"I fell asleep in his arms. He seemed calm and relaxed".

David Hockney's assistant died 'after drinking acid'

David Hockney was asleep at the time of his assistant's death Credit: Reuters

An assistant to artist David Hockney died after drinking acid at the painter's home.

Dominic Elliott, 23, had taken cocaine, ecstasy and temazepam before he drank the liquid and was rushed to hospital, where he died, an inquest has heard.

Mr Elliott was taken ill at Hockney's home in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, in March.

The artist was asleep at home at the time.

Hockney's former long-term partner, John Fitzherbert, told the hearing he drove Mr Elliott to Scarborough Hospital in the early hours of the morning.

He said that, during the day leading up to the incident, he and Mr Elliott smoked cannabis and drunk alcohol and Mr Elliott had also snorted cocaine.

The inquest continues tomorrow.

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