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Lammy: Mandela 'an inspiration' for entire generation

Labour MP David Lammy praised Nelson Mandela as a "giant" of the 20th century. Credit: DaybreakITV

Nelson Mandela was "an inspiration" for a "whole generation" and will most likely be remembered as "a giant", according to Labour MP David Lammy.

The Tottenham MP spoke fondly of the late South African President: "I can remember those images of hardship in South Africa of people suffering in places like Soweto.

"And the poster I had on my bedroom wall of Nelson Mandela, freedom fighter - a much younger man. We forget that when he came out in 1990 no one knew what he looked like."

Mr Lammy dubbed Mandela "a bigger figure than any politician" who would emerge as "the giant" of the 20th century because he lived to 95, when other freedom fighters like Martin Luther King Jr, were shot down in their prime."