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US could have invaded Iraq without UK, says former colonel

Colonel Peter Mansoor speaking to GMB. Credit: GMB

The United States could have completed the invasion of Iraq without the help of the UK, a former US Army colonel has said.

Colonel Peter Mansoor, executive officer to General David Petraeus who led the 2007 American military "surge" in Iraq made the comments while speaking to Good Morning Britain.

He added: "More importantly, it might have given the Bush administration some pause", and added that the "special relationship" between the US and the UK was not about "linking arms".

He called the Iraq War "one of the largest, strategic mistakes in American history", saying he "applauded" the British government for launching the inquiry.


General John Allen cleared of inappropriate emails

The top commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan has been cleared by a Pentagon inquiry into potentially inappropriate email communications with a Florida socialite, likely resurrecting his nomination to the military's top job in Europe.

US Marine Corps Lt. Gen. John Allen Credit: Reuters

Marine General John Allen was placed under investigation in November over email exchanges with one of the women at the centre of the scandal that forced David Petraeus to resign as CIA director.

Allen had strongly denied any wrongdoing.

Petraeus mistress won't face cyberstalking charge

US federal prosecutors have decided not to charge General David Petraeus' former mistress with cyberstalking after it was alleged she stalked a romantic rival online.

The US Attorney's Office in Tampa, Florida, told Reuters, "After applying relevant case law to the particular facts of this case" it had "decided not to pursue a federal case regarding the alleged acts of 'cyberstalking' involving Paula Broadwell".

General David Petraeus pictured with Paula Broadwell Credit: REUTERS/ISAF/Handout

Petraeus, a retired US Army general, resigned as CIA director in November after acknowledging he had an extramarital affair with Ms Broadwell.

The affair came to light after Ms Broadwell emailed Florida socialite Jill Kelley allegedly warning her to stay away from Petraeus, prompting an FBI investigation .

Petraeus' former lover feels 'guilt and shame' over affair

The brother of Paula Broadwell, the former lover of David Petraeus, has told of her "guilt and shame" over the affair that led to the downfall of the former CIA chief.

Stephen Kranz, Broadwell's brother, told People magazine: "She's been devastated by this.

General David Petraeus with Paula Broadwell in July 2011. Credit: REUTERS/ISAF/Handout

"She is filled with guilt and shame for what she's done and she's incredibly sorry for the pain she's caused her husband, her family, Petraeus's family. She accepts responsibility for her actions and knows she made a mistake.

"Now (she) is really focused on repairing and protecting her family and trying to really focus on her husband and her children and protect the kids from this".

Petraeus stepped down on November 9 as head of the CIA after admitting to an affair with Broadwell, a counter-terrorism expert and the co-author of a biography of the general.


Florida woman in Petraeus scandal feels 'scared'

Jill Kelley walks out of her home toward her car in Tampa Credit: Reuters Photographer / Reuters

The Florida woman who triggered the inquiry that took down Petraeus has complained about paparazzi in front of her mansion and "people calling me with threats."

Jill Kelley, whose tip about emails from the retired general's mistress sparked the FBI probe that revealed the affair, complained to Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn via email that she and her family were frightened by the attention they were receiving.

"I'm not sending my daughters to school today, and my husband slept at the hospital, because its just gotten too difficult to even pull out of our own driveway.

"And now, I have to deal with people calling me with threats," Kelley wrote.

"I'm scared and cannot believe what my city - in which I have contributed so much of my love, time, money and leadership - has now done to me and my innocent family," she said.

David Petraeus admits 'regret' over resignation

David Petraeus has expressed “regret” over the circumstances of his controversial resignation as CIA Director.

Appearing for 20 minutes in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee today, he did not expand further on the reasons for his surprise departure.

Petraeus left the post after his extramarital affair with biographer Paula Broadwell was exposed.

The retired general was facing questions over September's attacks on the US consulate in Benghazi.

He said he believed all along that it was an act of terrorism, despite the Obama administration originally describing the attack as "spontaneous".

CIA opens investigation into Petraeus conduct

The CIA has opened an "exploratory" investigation into the conduct of its former director David Petraeus, who resigned last week over an extramarital affair.

At the CIA we are constantly reviewing our performance. If there are lessons to be learned from this case we'll use them to improve. But we're not getting ahead of ourselves; an investigation is exploratory and doesn't presuppose any particular outcome.

– A CIA spokesperson
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