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'26 dead' after boat capsizes near border of DRC

At least 26 people have drowned after a boat capsized near the south eastern border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, AFP reports.

The vessel was travelling from Kalemie in Katanga to the conflict ravaged South Kivu province and got into trouble in the early hours of Friday.

Katanaga's transport minister Laurent Kahozi told the AFP said around 221 passengers were rescued and that the boat appeared to overloaded.

Hague: DRC killings show women and girls 'vulnerable'

Foreign Secretary William Hague has condemned a massacre in the Democreatic Republic of Congo that has seen dozens, including pregnant women and children, brutally killed.


DR Congo massacre: Pregnant women among dead

South Kivu lies close to the borders with Burundi and Rwanda.

The victims of a massacre in the Democratic Republic of Congo included several pregnant women, had been shot, stabbed or burned inside their homes.

A Reuters cameraman on the scene counted 37 bodies, some of them lying inside a village church.

"It is Congolese who have carried out these attacks. It was about a dispute over cows," South Kivu governor Marcellin Cishambo told Reuters.

"The problem is that everyone in this area carries a weapon."

Women and children among dead in DRC attack

Thirty-seven people including women and children were killed in Democratic Republic of Congo's eastern region of South Kivu following an attack early on Saturday morning, according to a witness.

The victims had been shot, stabbed or burned inside their homes. Some of the bodies lay inside a village church, according to a Reuters cameraman on the scene.

South Kivu governor Marcellin Cishambo confirmed the attack, but gave a lower estimate of 27 for the number of dead.

Congo: 'Stampede began when police fired tear gas'

Fans in Kinshasa grew angry on Sunday evening after their local team was defeated 1-0 by a team from the eastern town of Lubumbashi in a heated final, according to the local minister for the capital's inner city.

"Four policemen were harassed by supporters. When they fired tear gas, the stampede began, causing the deaths," Emmanuel Akweti told Reuters.

At least 15 people are believed to have died following a stampede in Lubumbashi. Credit: Google Maps

Akweti said 15 people died of suffocation and 24 were injured.

At least 15 believed killed in Kinshasa football riot

15 people are understood to have been killed during a riot at a football match in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to Sky News.

A media manager at FIFA tweeted an image believed to be from the stadium where the match was played, of two paramedics attending to a fan on the ground.

The club's Twitter and Facebook pages also detailed the riot before the end, saying "the police are struggling to evacuate the stadium and to protect the players of the game."


Govt troops 'retake control' in DR Congo after unrest

Government troops in the Democratic Republic of Congo have retaken control of statetelevision, and the situation in the capital Kinshasa is under control, a government spokesman has told Reuters.

Earlier, there were reports that several people had been taken hostage by armed men at the TV station as well as heavy gunfire at the international airport.

Heavy gunfire reported at airport in DR Congo capital

There have been reports of heavy gunfire in the capital Kinshasa Credit: Google Maps

There has been heavy gunfire at the international airport in Kinshasa, the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo, a customs official has told Reuters.

It came minutes after witnesses reported gunmen attacking the headquarters of its state radio and television.

The official told Reuters: "Shooting has started here. They are shooting everywhere. We are all hiding."

Journalists 'taken hostage' at DR Congo TV station

Several people have been taken hostage by armed youths at state television headquarters in the capital of Democratic Republic of Congo, according to AFP.

Before the station's television feed was shut down, two presenters were seen on screen, under threat from a young man standing behind them.

Police spokesman colonel Mwana Mputu told the news agency: "They are armed with machetes and guns. They have taken reporters hostage. An operation is under way to dislodge them,"

Heavy gunfire heard at state TV and radio station in DRC

Witnesses have reported hearing heavy gunfire at the headquarters of Democratic Republic of Congo's state radio and television station.

Both channels were off air after the shooting was heard.

State television journalists at the site said the Congolese army had launched an attack on the building to dislodge unidentified assailants.

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