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Dog rescued after four days stuck in underground tunnel

Buckinghamshire fire and rescue crew manager Pete Skinner with Lulu Credit: Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue

A dog has been rescued after spending four days trapped in an underground drainage tunnel in Buckinghamshire after the owner hired a digger to get her out.

Work begins cutting through the car park to dig 8ft down to the dog Credit: Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue

The Jack Russell ran down the disused pipe in Dorney as the owner Gail Fraiser took her for a walk. Ms Fraiser called the RSPCA when Lulu failed to return. The animal charity advised her if the dog could be heard barking the likelihood was that she would find her way out.

A firefighter crawls inside the drain after breaking through to rescue Lulu Credit: Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue

However Ms Fraiser opted to hire a digger after the barking continued but Lulu was nowhere to be seen.

The fire and rescue service intervened after becoming concerned that Ms Fraiser and her friends were at risk from injuring themselves, after trying to rescue Lulu since Friday.

Owner Gail Fraiser with Lulu the Jack Russell Credit: Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue

They launched a six-hour operation to rescue the Jack Russell using the digger and shovels to dig down 8ft below ground.

The firefighters then broke into the drain before freeing Lulu from her four-days of being trapped.

Firefighters cut through the drain 8ft underground to rescue Lulu Credit: Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue

The entrances to the pipe have now been closed off to prevent other animals from becoming stuck.