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Carswell: Remain seeking to 'frustrate' Brexit with scrutiny

Douglas Carswell Credit: House of Commons

Ukip's only MP, Douglas Carswell, has said the "sudden surge of interest in the question of Parliamentary scrutiny" on Brexit is remain supporters "seeking to frustrate the referendum result".

The Clacton MP said that although he was someone who enjoys talking about Europe, he urged the Government to just "get on with it".

Carswell rules himself out of running to replace Farage

Douglas Carswell has told ITV News he will not stand to replace Nigel Farage as Ukip leader.

Douglas Carswell. Credit: ITV News

Asked whether he wanted to succeed Farage, Ukip's only member of Parliament replied: "Absolutely not - I couldn't possibly be a constituency MP, represent Ukip in the House of Commons, be a dad and lead a party."

Carswell, who has been locked in a feud with Farage, earlier tweeted a smiling emoji as news of the leader's decision to quit emerged.

Carswell admitted he and Farage had suffered "profound differences in opinion" over how the party should operate.

But he paid tribute to his former boss' role in convincing Britain to vote to leave the EU.

"For 20 years, Nigel stood at times almost alone in pushing for this referendum...we got the referendum and we won. Nigel played a key role in that and I think we should pay tribute to him."


Ukip's only MP admits 'loyalties' to other parties

Douglas Carswell admitted he still has other 'loyalties' outside of Ukip Credit: Pool

Douglas Carswell, Ukip's only MP, has admitted that he has loyalties to people in other parties when it comes to campaigning for Britain to leave the EU.

Speaking at his party's annual conference today he told Sky News: "I have a great deal of loyalty to people in all parties if they are Eurosceptic and I'm very loyal to Eurosceptics because that's how we need to win the referendum."

The admission came the day after Carswell, a member on the board of the group Business for Britain who have refused to join Ukip Nigel Farage's referendum campaign, was accused by his party leader of maintaining 'residual loyalties' to his former allies in the Tory party,

Tory MP congratulates Douglas Carswell on his win

Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith has congratulated his former colleague and newly-elected Ukip MP Douglas Carswell on his win:

Sturgeon warns voters of Tory/Ukip coalition

Scotland Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned voters they risked being governed by a Tory/Ukip coalition as Nigel Farage went on the campaign trail in the country.

Ms Sturgeon said: ''Nigel Farage's presence here today helpfully illustrates the choice people have to make next week - we can vote Yes and always get the governments we vote for as a country, or we can vote No and take the risk of another Tory government, or perhaps another Tory government with Ukip.

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