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Thousands miss benefit payments

Thousands of jobseekers won't receive benefit payments in time for Christmas. Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Wire/

Up to 32,000 people have not received benefit payments in time for Christmas due to an administrative error.

Money for some jobseekers, low earners and pensioners was due to go into accounts today, but will not now arrive until December 27.

Those affected include new claimants, those owed arrears, and people awarded Social Fund budgeting loans for "essentials" such as clothes, rent and furniture.

The Department for Work and Pensions stressed that if individuals had contacted them by 5pm this evening the payment will have been rushed through within three hours.

Benefit cap is 'strong incentive for people to work'

Iain Duncan Smith has claimed that the benefit cap has already pushed more people in to work before it starts in four London boroughs on Monday.

The benefit cap sets a clear limit for how much support the welfare state will provide – the average wage for working households.

But it's also a strong incentive for people to move into work and even before the cap comes in we are seeing thousands of people seeking help and moving off benefits.

We have a very clear message: we will provide support to those who need it, but the days of outrageous claims giving people incomes far above those of working families are over.

– Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary for Work and Pensions
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